Dear Fellow Iceboaters,

I’ve noticed that there are some uncertainties regarding the IDNIYRA Europe Membership, therefore I would like to clear some frequently asked questions, which may arise.

Q: Who can become a member of IDNIYRA EU?
A: National Organisations, who applied for membership and paid the membership fee can become ordinary members of IDNIYRA EU.
Any natural person, who is a member of his/her National Organization, reached the age of majority, registered on the website and paid the membership fee can become an extraordinary member.

Q: How can someone become a member?
A: You have to sign up on the IDNIYRA EU website and pay the membership fee. The webpage link is here: Membership sign-up

Q: How much does the membership cost?
A: It will be decided each year at the Secretaries Meeting. This year the membership fee is 25 EUR.

Q: Do the Juniors who intend to become members have any discount on this fee?
A: The Juniors can become members free of charge, however – because of technical reasons – the Juniors shall also pay the fee during the sign-up procedure, but it will be reimbursed to them in the Entry Fee of WC/EC.

Q: When should the membership fee be paid?
A: Any time in the year, but irrespectively the date of payment, the membership will expire on the 31st of October each year. In order to have a continuous membership status, the fee has to be paid before the membership expires, i.e. before 31 October each year. 

Q: Will double fee be applied for late payment?
A: No. However, if the payment is done after the registration of WC/EC is closed, the sailor cannot register for the event in due time, thus he/she might have to pay double Entry Fee according to the NOR.

Q: Do the Juniors have to become members of IDNIYRA Europe?
A: All Juniors intending to participate in the IDNIYRA WC/EC have to sign-up for a membership. 

Q: Will participating in the JWC/JEC require a membership?
A: No

Q: What additional rights does an IDNIYRA Europe member have?
A: The member has the right to compete in the WC/EC, can vote on DN Class issues, will have a registered account on the  website, and will receive privileged information accordingly.

If you have any other questions unanswered, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Think Ice,

Your Commodore
Attila Pataky