Dear DN Sailors,

I am sorry that last weekend it did not worked for us, for all the sailors who arrived at Lipno.

As for organization I have received mostly positive feedback. I received also negative feedback. I feel that there might be lack of information causing part of the negative feedback. That is why I am sending this post on behalf of the Czech DN Fleet as last weekend Lipno regatta organizer. Thank you for all feedback. I realize that there always will be some negative feedback.

Negative feedback I received is in one sentence: “Czech guys as organizers were not ready to handle the regatta, gathered starting fee and than cancelled the race and took the money for nothing”.FACTS
We had 80 sailors from 9 countries due to unique conditions at Lipno lake.
We managed to get racing committee. Two qualified referees. The main referee proved to do a perfect job during previous week at Austrian Championship – without him it would be a disaster.
We had 1 more man to support referees at the finish line with recording results. They had dictafone, camera, papers, pre-prepared forms, computers.
We had two more guys at windward mark to check out rules there during racing. All together 5 people not racing, only dedicated for start-finish smooth organization.
We had another 5 Czech sailors (not me – I was a coordinator) who prepared and checked very early every morning the course area. They checked ice, they checked dangerous places, marked safe cracks crossings with orange flags, got ready two major buyos, 2 dolly boys, starting line, safety lines, 2 ladders for security.
We have organized launching place in a camping Jestrabi I.
On our PR side we have comunicated with support of the Jestrabi camping owner the Mayor of Cerna v Posumavi, we have addressed security service of Lipno area, we contacted dam reservoir management to make sure we can be there, we have contacted media to make more awarenes of our sport. There was a pressure from Frymburk Mayor not to have the event there, he was in national TV on Friday evening before to warn everybody that ice is not safe and risky.
We organized two respected photographers.

We had ready 4 sets of nice prices for winners in each group A and B for Saturday and for Sunday as we had 2 regattas. We got these prices on Friday evening.

We managed in no time to prepare starting list, checked in 80 sailor, created disclamer in three languages, organized fleet of 80 sailors into two groups with qualification from group B to A. We did not refuse anyone.
We organized replacement of our referee who could not attend on Saturday.
We organized another one from Brno who arrived at Lipno on Saturday evening to replace him.
We also get another lady to replace Hungarian volunteer guy who should be back up on finish line on Sunday at recording result.
We had again 5 non racing people on site on Sunday ready to make sure starts and finish runs OK.

We had one full regatta day without wind, with alternative course found, checked and course set up.
Weather was against us and we sent sailors out of ice at 15:30 which was latest possible time due to sunset.

We cancelled the race on Sunday morning at 9:30.

We collected starting fee of 20 €. Part of it, 5,-€ was for the camping facility. 5 € fee camping fee was announced at IDNIYRA page already 2 days before event.
After paying all the cost we had with camping, prices, photographer and modest reward for people involded in organization we remained with 590 € in our pocket.
Maybe it is a lot of money from some point of view. Yes, Czech fleet now can buy 75% of one piece of high quality plank or 1.5 good quality runners and share it.
We did not do it for money and we would do the job for 15 sailors too.

Our weak point was not naming protest committee properly but due to positive attitude of Jean-Claude (“Voodi”), Goddie G4 and Hennie v.d. Brink from Netherland we had trully proffesionals who did great job at site.
Our weak point was not having discussion with team reps before our final decision. However decision not to race was clearly ours. When we organize next regatta, we will try to improve on this two weaknesses BUT DECISION WILL REMAIN TO ORGANIZER whether you like it or not.

The only reason for ending regatta on Sunday was safety reasons. It was not accidents which happened on Friday and it was absolutely not unprepareness to organize as someone could think. After three days with some sunshine and constant above zero temperature, two nights above zero except 3 hours freezeing in Saturday late night. We had needle structure ice of 12-13 cm in the racing area and forecast +5 degrees for Sunday + raining which than happened. Deeper waterpools were on ice surface not frozen after 3 hours night freezing. Honestly even discussion of team reps would not change attitute mine and Czech DN team to cancel the regatta due to high risk. Maybe we could have a fun but maybe we could have someone dead now and could have serious legal problems. And if not legal problems than definitelly moral problem until the rest of my life and lives of other Czech team members as organizers.

As a small group of 20 sailors we might have two days of sailing. Small group could move to Kovarov bay where the wind was moreless stable at 6 m/s for most of Saturday. For actual fleet of 80 sailors we had no room in Kovarov bay behind peninsula which sheltered our main playground. We also, as a small group could sail on Sunday apart from fogg epizode for one hour. Yes, we could do that. Instead of it Czech team tried to organize regatta for all incoming sailors with no sailing for the Czech team. And with no training as some sailors could enjoy at least close to launching area in gusty wind. Czech team and other five organizers stayed the whole Saturday in the main area trying at least to find alternative area in close neighbourhood.

We were not profesional racing committe but I strictly refuse any doubt about not being prepared and taking money for nothing…

Think Ice

CZ 112
Vladislav Ptasnik