a. The EDNIA is established to hear appeals against any Regatta Protest Committee decisions in Europe which are disputed. The five EDNIA members are elected, and reviewed every five years, by the European National Secretaries at the National Secretaries’ Meeting.

They must not be members of the PRC. Their names and contact details shall be posted on the IDNIYRA-Europe website and in the Year Book. They shall name a Chairman. Three out of the five should be chosen for the appeal hearing by the Chairman.

b. The Appeals procedure must follow the same route as Appeals to the National Iceboat Authority (NIA Racing Rules Part V, D). All Appeals shall be made in writing and filed with the EDNIA within 30 days of the rendering of the decision appealed. It is particularly important to have written consent to the Appeal, signed by the Judges rendering the original decision.

c. The appeal decision shall be made within 30 days of the date the Appeal was properly filed with the EDNIA and shall be sent to all parties to the infringement and appeal.

d. The EDNIA shall also maintain regular contact with the Directors of the NIA.