still too early to zoom in finally on a Country or even a lake!

Everybody rather likes to know early where to drive too or book ferries too, which I am aware off. At the end you will have Options to pick from.

While waiting for more precise weather prediction for the race week from next Monday a short Status Report:

Sweden: Currently has Lake Dellen/Delsbo to offer. Accomodation would be available in Hudiksvall (30 minutes drive). Forecast is good.

Finland: Thats where I arrived a few hours ago from Sweden. One is Lake Pyhajärvi near Säkyla and the other is South of Tampere. Cara and me will drive there in a couple of hours and doublecheck those reports . Forecasts are good.

Tomorrow night I’ll be on my way to Estonia to doublecheck the only Option in Estonia near Tartu in the morning.

If the forecast turns colder by Thursday I will be going to Lithuania as well to doublecheck Lake Rekyva near Siuliai.

Since we have plenty of Options at the Moment you may relax at this point. After all Information above is collected we will look Thursdayevening at the place with the best icequality (amount hard-/snowice), thickness, forecast (temperatures and possibly alternates in short distance.

I am pretty sure to close in the area by Thursdayevening. You will be informed ahead with further updates.

Think Ice!