Election of IDNIYRA EU Board Members


Dear Fellow Ice Sailors,

This year we need to elect the following Board members:
  • Commodore
  • Vice Commodore
  • Treasurer
  • Insurance Manager
All recent members are ready to continue their duty in the Board except the Vice Commodore, Maciej Brosz.
The Junior Program Manager, Jerzy Sukow also told me, that he intends to resign from his recent position.
Herewith I would like to thank Jerzy and Maciej for the great job they did for our community.
I would like to ask all of you if you have any candidates for the vacant positions do not hesitate to nominate them.
First of all we need
Vice Commodore – for 2-years term
Junior Program Manager – for 1-year replacement till the end of the original term.
But if you are not happy with the work done by any of the Board members or only want to see someone else on those positions, please feel free to make a suggestion.
Your Commodore
Attila Pataky

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