EIA Statement on Appeal in the Case of Race 5 (A) – EC 2015

Dear Iceboaters,
EIA can not solve the disputes around Race5(A)-EC 2015. The rule we have to apply is “Lit. 7 (EIA), Organisation of IDNIYRA Europe in the Yearbook 2015”. This rule only allows appeals against Protest Hearing Decisions. There is no other rule on this. At EC 2015 no protest in this R5 case was filed, consequently no appeal against can be made. Therefore the appeal of Jörg Bohn, Commodore of IDNIYRA-Europe is inadmissible. Jörg has got an official writing with this information. The third EIA member (Stan Macur) did not participate in this case. He declared himself as prejudiced, because he is a member of the PRC.

March 26th 2015, EIA

The rule referred to is Lit. 7 (EIA), Organisation of IDNIYRA Europe in the Yearbook 2015 (Print Version) but in the Online Version http://idniyra.eu/?page_id=522 it is Lit. 6.

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    • on 27. March 2015 at 19:55

    Can someone please let us know what the text in “Lit. 7 (EIA), Organisation of IDNIYRA Europe in the Yearbook 2015″ says. I understand the essence of what I believe the text says, but I would like to check the wording.

    I am asking since I have no way of checking it my self.
    1) As many of us know there are constantly a shortage of the printed version of the Yearbook and this particular sailor has not received a copy of it for several years.

    2) The Web page https://ice.idniyra.org/Yearbook currently seems to be under maintenance so no way of checking the text from there either.

    Thanks in advance.

    John W
    L 601

    • Godie on 27. March 2015 at 20:48

    Hello John,
    the exact wording is:
    European Iceboat Authority (EIA)
    The EIA is established to hear appeals against any Regatta Protest Committee decisions in Europe which are disputed. The three EIA members are elected by the National Secretaries Meeting and their names and contact details posted on the IDNIYRA Europe web site. They shall respond in writing or by Email to all appeals within 6 weeks of receipt. They shall also maintain regular contact with the Directors of the NIA.

    You’re right that the IDNIYRA NA page is under maintainance for some time, but you can find all NIA, IDNIYRA and IDNIYRA-Europe wordings on the IDNIYRA-Europe website in the “OFFICE” section. http://idniyra.eu/?page_id=33

    You can buy the IDNIYRA Yearbook on the NA website, if not under maintainance.

    Godie G-4

    • on 27. March 2015 at 21:28

    Thanks Godie,

    I don´t mean to be a pain in the rear end, but now that i found the text exactly where you say it should be…. Well…. Now I see that your original posting refers to “Lit 7”. Should it not be “Lit 6” ?

    Thats the reason I did not find the text. I was scrolling for #7 and did not have the sense to read #6. Imagine my surprise when trying to understand what Insurance had to do whit the case 🙂

    Anyway. Thanks for your clarification and thumbs up for making what I believe was the right decision according to the rules. (Even though it was one that I personally did not benefit from in the EC results)

    // J L 601

    • Godie on 27. March 2015 at 21:34

    The confusion with Lit. 6 & Lit.7 is probably a mistake by our NA friends to not have transfered it right to the print version. I decided to refer to the printed Yearbook.

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