Weather(forecast) changes, plans change


On Our way to North we received the information, that Poland is not an option further. We changed our course immediately (like good ice sailor at wind shift) and headed to Rostock to catch the first ferry to Gedster (Denmark) and then to Sweden.  First we checked lake Vänern at Mariestad in  West Sweden. The ice looked promising, but after we measured the thickness it turned out that it is too weak. 7 cm only.

We had some time left till the sunset, thus checked the nearest lake Ymsen. The ice was ok, thickness 17 cm, black ice, the surface is clear. The only problem was, that we could not find any public access to the lake.

Then we headed  to lake Hjälmaren. Here in Fiskeboda the Monotype XV sailors are having their Championship. They are more than satisfied with the place.

Tomorrow we will check the ice here, together with other lakes in the neighbourhood.

Taking the evening ferry we will go to Estonia as well. Friday checking the ice there – evening decision.

What we have in the pocket.

Sweden – lakes near Stockholm

Finland – Pyhäjärvy

Estonia – Orissare and Võrstjärv

Hungary – Balaton


That’s all folks (for the time being)