Great news, the race is on for SWE Ranking 5 & 6 2017 this weekend!

The regattas will be held on lake Mälaren in Västerås and launching site will be at Västerås Kanotförening (Björnövägen 79, Västerås).

As of today we have magnificent ice conditions with no observed cracks or dangers in the planned race area, only scarse snow drifts less than a cm thick. The ice thickness is approx. 14 cm.

The plan is to co-organize with Class III, sailing every other race on the same course and helping one another run the event. The details will be explained during skippers meeting.

There are lots of accomodation options in Västerås. Race committee will stay at hotel “Scandic Västerås”.

Head over to for more info and registration.