Good afternoon
Quite a cold season is starting here in Finland. Some lakes are already frozen in Lappland.
That means in practice, that sailors are now spending more and more time in their workshops and garages.

The first race here is traditionally Johnny Köhler Cup and All Saints Regatta. The dates for local races this season below.

  1. Johnny Köhler Cup and All Saints regatta 18-20.11.2016
  2. Independence Day regatta 10-11.12.2016
  3. Kuopio Ranking 7-8.1.2017
  4. ESF Ranking 4-5.2.2017
  5. SM-Regatta ( Finnish Championship) 18-19.3.2017
  6. Spare day for SM 25-26.3.2017
  7. Sunny Ranking 1-2.4.2017

Hopefully as many sailors as possible can participate in our events; Welcome
Best regards

Olli, L-121

PS. And now back to workshop …:-)