Copernicus Cup (Vistula Lagoon, Poland)

It is official announcement. The regatta will be held on Vistula Lagoon in Frombork.

For additional info check comments.

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    • on 4. February 2014 at 16:37

    Hi Everyone,

    You can “think ice” about Frombork at Vistula Lagoon. Official NOR on Thursday noon.

    For now some ice report by Jurek, P345: ice cover 25 and more (drill was too short), there is some frozen snow (hard one) in Polish we call it “śniegolód” – snowice.

    Pics are here:

    If you want some training before, visit Jurek’s great place in Nadbrzeże:
    54 degr 16.352′ 19 degr 24.966′ You’ll find there everything what icesailors need: wind, ice 😉 and handy facility.

    From Nadbrzeże to Frombork it is ~27 km:,19.431469&sspn=0.014985,0.042272&geocode=FactPAMdLYAoASmPrlkb_DX9RjEkFBWjSuGQ8A%3BFeZtPQMdSEssASmfVYaj_MziRjF9puQXQ_k4sg&mra=ls&t=m&z=12

    Maciej, P247.

    • on 4. February 2014 at 20:54

    Accomodation: Frombork, Hotel Kopernik, Kościelna street 2, phone: +48 55 2437285

    Launching site: beach near concrete pier
    First start: Sat, 1100.

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