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Kisezers Trophy

Venue – Pavu str. 14, Riga, Latvia, Lake Kisezers. Entry fee DN 10 EUR, DN Junior and Ice opti 5 EUR. 9 races scheduled, max 6 per day 08.02.2014 Registration 10.00 – 11.00 First race 13.00 09.02.2014 First race 11.00 Closing 15 – 16.00 Think Ice! Contact. Madars Alvikis O-31 +37126119482

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Accomodation for 2014. DN Junior and Ice opti Worlds & European championships

If the weather and ice conditions will not change much to bad side, we hope to hold the championship on Lake Ķīšezers, Riga, Latvia. Ice is good, snow 0.5-5 cm on the lake now. We will have a local regatta there this weekend. So we have arranged a hotel “Mežaparks” with breakfast included for all participants willing to stay close to the lake and we managed to get a good price for it also. Race office also will be located in this hotel. To book the rooms for the good price please e-mail or call the hotel and note them that you are “participant of the Ice sailing event”. No …

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Czech Republic DN Championship Results

We managed to have a two regattas during weekend on 1.-2.2.2014 at Lipno lake in Cerna v Posumavi. Saturday was sailed Czech Championship. Results: 2014 International Czech DN Championship On Sunday we took part in Austrian Championship. Results: 2014 International Austrian DN Championship   Think Ice. CZ 112  

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Mitropa Trophy Reminder

Dear Iceboaters, Mitropa Trophy is planned for this weekend on 8.-.9.2.. The venue will be most likely Lipno Lake, Cerna v Posumavi. NOR and registrazion link here. Also possible to register on site without any extra charge.   Think Ice CZ 112

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Copernicus Cup (Vistula Lagoon, Poland)

It is official announcement. The regatta will be held on Vistula Lagoon in Frombork. For additional info check comments.

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Insurance-ID is not a registration for WC/EC 2014

Dear friends, having an Insurance-ID does NOT mean that you are registered for WC/EC 2014 !!! The Insurance-ID just ENABLES you to register ! This is rather easy and the next steps you have to do: open entry and use your sailnumber and the ID to login. Do not forget the “-“ between e.g. OE and 1234 (OE-1234) Fill in the form and register. Pay entry-fee, come to regatta-check-in. ….. and it’s for sure no fault to read the NOR !!! Think Ice Niklas OE 221

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