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Mar 06 2014

European Championships 2014, Haapsalu, Estonia, day 5

Today we started sailing with…. waiting for wind. Luckly around half past 12 the wind finally came, allowing us to sail 3 races for Gold fleet and 2 races for B and C fleets. The wind was shifty, the visibility was very good, ice without water but pretty soft. Karol Jablonski is not questioned King of this conditions. He proved it winning all 3 races. Good Job! Provisional results can be found here: Europeans Championships – Series Standing – 7 races scored Think Ice, Kuba

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Mar 05 2014

World Championships 2014, day 4, Haapsalu, Estonia

Today we had a really beautiful weather, bright sun, not really shifty wind of 3-4 m/s speed. In those great conditions we were able to sail 4 races for fleets A and C, plus 3 races for fleet B, so in the end we have done all planed races for Gold fleet! Now we are waiting for the protest to end. As soon as they are finished I will publish the results. Right now we are holding the Check In for Europeans Championships and preparing the Prize Giving ceremeny, that will be held during the banquet. Also you can find some interesting pictures from the ragatta at Haapsalu Yacht Club …

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Mar 04 2014

World Championships 2014, day 3, Haapsalu, Estonia

Today, in pretty nice wind, 1,5 – 6 m/s, with good visibility and without rain, we were able to run 3 races for Gold and Silver fleet plus 2 races for Bronze fleet. The results in attachment, Kuba World Championships 2014 – Series Standing – 8 races scored

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Mar 03 2014

World Championships – day 2, Haapsalu, Estonia

Due to bad weather and VERY bad visibility we didn’t sail and we won’t sail ANY races today. The races are postponed till tomorrow morning. Next information will be provided tomorrow at 9 during the Skippers Meeting in the harbour.   PS. The tradicional Banquet for the participans of Worlds and Europans Championships and sympatics of the Ice Sailing will be held at Wednesday in the Lainu Hotel, Haapsalu Estonia, street Sadama 9/11, at 7 p.m. See you there, Kuba

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Mar 02 2014

World Championships – Haapsalu day 1

Due to poor visibility and weather conditions we have sailed only one race for C fleet, but it was protested. The Jury decision is that we will resail it tomorrow (March 3rd) at 10:00a.m.. We hope for better conditions tomorrow. Think ice, Kuba

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Feb 27 2014

Baikal Cup 2014

27.02.14 – Ice area 7 x 20 km x 1.2 m!  Classes: DN, IO. Schedule: 2 – 4 Apr. – Asia Cup /  5 – 8 Apr. – Russian Open Championship / 9 – 12 Apr. – Baikal Cup Accommodation : Hotel “Uyuga“: , e-mail:, Hotel “Oltrek”, e-mail: Free transfer from Irkutsk: 31.03 and 1.04, 10-12 am. Contact for help: Andrey Astashev, R21, DN RUSSIA site:

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