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Feb 22 2015

European Championship 2015 – Update 1

Iceboaters, the European Championship will be held from next Sunday (Check-In) on in North Eastern Europe. The forecast changed today to colder weather in the Masuran Region for the following week. So Poland is back in the game!  Beside Poland there are so far Options in the Baltic States (especially Lithuania) and of course in Finland and Sweden.

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Oct 27 2014

Mandatory Rule Test for the Eurpean Championship/Euro Cup 2015

Dear Iceboaters The first boats have been out on the Ice in Russia and Finland. Time to get ready. Beside the equipment the sailors have to get ready too.  Physically and theoretically. To avoid surprises please study the following lines with care. Only those who pass the test will be allowed to participate in the major European Events from now on. You all are aware, that the “Right of Way Rules” in Iceboating are deferring a lot from those used in Soft Water sailing!? Are you absolutely sure you know every difference? The last years showed us it is known to evrybody. This led and could lead further to  critical situations. Just printing …

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Jun 18 2014

Dates European Championship and Euro Cup 2015

Dear Friends Hosting Dutch Team, Race Committee and Commodore set the date for the European Championship and Euro Cup to March 1st until March 6th 2015.  You all know that it is a Event from Sunday (first race Monday) until Friday (sart of the last race no later than 14:00). Primary Site are the Netherlands. Alternates will be all other countries starting with Germany, Poland and so on. The National Secretaries  are Meeting in Mid September in Riga. If you like to adress anything concerning racing rules, measurements, safety or other issues please inform your National Secretary latest by end of July. Days are getting already shorter again this weekend. Think Ice! JoerG-737

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Feb 27 2014

Final Update DN World- and European Championship 2014

Dear Iceboaters Final Decision: Haapsalu, Estonia Here is the Headquarter and Launching: See you on the Ice! JoerG-737 Commodore

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Feb 26 2014

Update 3 DN World- and European Championship 2014

Iceboaters I will get bacl to you with the final decision tomorrow noon 12am. We are lucky tp have found perfect places with now reasonable forcasts for both, Estonia and Poland. From tonights view Poland is favoured. Stay tuned for teh final decision tomorrow! JoerG-737 Commodore      

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