The race is on for the 2017 Swedish Championship this weekend!

The regatta will take place on lake Yngaren in Nyköping and launching site will be at 58°49’17.9″N 16°38’30.8″E (map here).

The recent warm weather is wearing down the snow with great effect. Lake Yngaren was checked as late as this afternoon and is improving by the minute.

The worst snow drifts are now 1,5 cm and will most likely disappear tomorrow before the colder weather hits the area again, making the surface hard and dry.

To get to the course area we’ll have to cross a crack (you can’t sail over it safely), it will be marked with a flag and a wooden plank to walk across).

More info on launching site, accomodation etc. soon!

See you on the ice!

Head over to for more info and registration.