IDNIYRA Safety Check – Do you know the rules?

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Rule 5

NIA Sailing Rules Test

This is to check the sailors knowledge about rules.

Three(3) random questions about the NIA Right-of-way and Sailing Rules were displayed and you have to mark the answer.

Start with your Sailnumber! Then click the NEXT button


What is the meaning of rule A. Fair Sailing ?
You want to TACK or JIBE, because you see an advantage to gain on other DN's in the race. What do you have to take care for?
You are sailing together with an other yacht approaching an OBSTRUCTION. You can probably pass, but the other yacht is unable to clear the OBSTRUCTION without fouling or endangering you. So the other yacht gives a signal to you. What are the tasks for both yachts?


Then click the "GET RESULT " button.

Otherwise click the "PREVIOUS" button to control your input.

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