JWC & JEC Final Results

DN Junior and Ice Optimist Word Championships 2018

Lake Rekyva, Lithuania (Rėkyvos ež., Šiauliai, Lietuva)

N 55°51’5″ E 23°18’23” (GPS N: 55.864893 E: 23.306314)


DN Junior and Ice Optimist European Championships 2018

Lake Kisezers, Riga, Latvia (Ķīšezers, Rīga, Rīga, Latvija)

N 57° 1′ 27″ E 24° 8′ 21″ (GPS N:57.0241724 E:24.13918660)





EC 2017 FINAL RESULTS Corrected

Dear Fellow Iceboaters,

Today we rechecked the results of the 2017 European Championship and it came out that during the breaking of ties the throw-outs were discarded which led to an unfair result list. We recalculated the ties and the corrected results are posted below.

The Race Committee apologies for the mistakes made.

European Champioships – Series Standing – 23 races scored – Corrected FINAL

Have lot of fun and fair racing in the rest of the 2016/2017 Season.

Think Ice,