1966 DN European Championship

After the first successful Austrian Championship was sailed in 1965, the Austrian Fleet took the initiative of promoting icesailing by hosting the first DN Ice Yacht European Championship as well. The event was held in 1966 at the Union Yacht Club in Neusiedl, Austria with a long-distance race around the lake as part of the event.
The first 3 DNs of the regatta were: 1. Kees Kortenoever (H1), 2. Jan Dick Wevers (H60), 3. Hans Bergkvist (S1). The conditions were excellent and it was the first (and last) time that a long distance race around the lake was part of the EC.

During a meeting at the regatta, a European DN Ice Yacht Class organisation was established by the 42 members of 6 European countries in the presence of 2 members from the U.S.A. Representatives of these European fleets elected Kees Kortenoever as their first European Commodore.


Photo credit: Union Yacht Club, Neusiedl, Austria