Nov 08 2013

Vikajärvi Memorial 2013


We have found ice in Lapland and we will have Vikajärvi Memorial Regatta this weekend.

Friday we have Johny Köhler cup regatta.

Area i will but later,because we have two possibility. Muonio or Inari.

Please send me text massage or call    +358400462265  Timo if you are coming.






Welcome to the first ice sailing regatta of the year! The Vikajärvi Memorial dates are 16th and 17th of November and we’ll also have the traditional Johnny Köhler cup before the official regatta at friday 15th of November. Ice situation looks promising, we have currently two possible locations in Lapland either lake Pallasjärvi at Muonio or unspecified lake in Kuusamo. We’ll monitor the ice situation during the weekend and post update after this. There is also some information available at DN Europe Facebook page.

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Oct 28 2013

World- and Eurocup Logo 2014

WC-EC2014LogoDear iceboat friends,

great events are at the door and here is the logo for the Worldcup and the European Cup 2014 in Poland, I just had this appetizer in my mailbox.

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Oct 28 2013

Ranking List 2014

dnrankingA good NA/EU cooperation led to the new 2014 Ranking list, which is now available. Some corrections and additions had to be done.  This list now is the official source for the entries for IDNIYRA events 2014.
The list in the Online Runnertracks will be updated according to this final ranking list 2014. Find older ranking lists here.

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Oct 15 2013

IDNIYRA-Europe website start

EUpageHello DN friends,
the brandnew IDNYRA-Europe website is ready to use now. You will find all IDNIYRA related information, rules, specs, rankings and other wordings. Beside this static information there are many dynamic functions like online entry, online insurance list, online ballot, a news system you can subscribe to for email and pushover mobile service. You’ll find upcoming events from the calendar and a seamlessly integration in facebook where the news posts were published simultaneously, you can like and send to friends. There is of cause also a market for iceboaters where you can sell your gear or search for things. Not to forget the icereport section where you also can post to from your mobile devices. Please use the icereport, cause this is very important for the whole DN-community. Runnertracks are now online readable and the yearbook can be ordered from IDNIYRA. If you have Regatta announcements or relating information you can post it in REGATTA News.

There is quite more to explore, so go to and register an account cause the old accounts are not valid any more.

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Oct 12 2013

Minutes of Nat. Sec. Meeting in Aalsmeer 2013

Adobe_PDF_IconMaybe you haven’t read the last Sec.Meeting Minutes. Find these minutes in our new minutes listing section in the online office.

Find there also most minutes back to 1978!!

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Oct 10 2013

Refresh your Right-of-Way Knowlegde

nia8Please have a look at the Right-of-Way pages before you go icesailing at the beginning of the season. All sailors are good sailors, yes we know. But refreshing the  knowledge of the sailing rules is a safety contribution for all.

Find the NIA Sailing Rule drawings in six (6) different languages in our NIA section in the online office.

If you want to have it in your language too, I need a translation. Pls. send an email to

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