Oct 08 2013


Personal-liability-insuranceDear friends,

Please check in time that you will have a proper TPL-insurance for icesailing. This is not only necessary for the “big events” like EC, but also for sailing during the rest of the season. I guess that every participant of WC and EC will try to get some meters of ice under his runners before travelling there.

Once again the items for a proper certificate of insurance:… Continue reading

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Oct 07 2013

Happy to be back again – Season can start

Hello DN Friends

As you all may have seen, or not seen at all, our new website was not online the last three weeks. I had to struggle with with a hack by script kiddies, who tried to use our site for their illegal spam sending and offering of goods which never will arrive at the customers.The hack was done by cracking weak passwords of forum users. I now have deleted all old user accounts and the old forum. I had to go through the whole file structure of the webserver to eliminate the spambot. You can’t imagine what frustrating work it was. Luckily I could figure it out and rescue the nearly completed new website.

The new season can come. I’m looking forward to start.

Godie, webmaster


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May 13 2013

New IDNIYRA Europe logo sticker

LogowebDideric van Riemsdijk created a new fantastic logo sticker. Well done.
DN Nederland

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May 06 2013

New Site

Here grows the new website of IDNIYRA Europe. Its really time to switch, that will be done during the next months. You can watch the changes live. Due to this fact the current structure is not, what final comes out. The layout is only for working purposes and will be beautified at the end.

But the event dates on the right are up to date and you also can use the “For sale – Wanted” section.

Meanwhile you can of course enter our old website.http://www.idniyra.eu/


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May 06 2013

Baikal Review

BaikalCallingBaikal Cup Races were a big succes. We encourage all DN sailors to experience such a really breathtaking event next season.

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