Feb 20 2018

WC/EC 2018 – IceScouting (Third Report)


Last two days we checked Lake Rekyva near Siaulai (Lithuania) and the bay near Üüdibe on Island of Saaremaa (Estonia).

Rekyva has good, stable black ice without any cracks. The only problem is the snow cover of 7-8 cm. As now it is light snow, but easily can turn to heavy, which hard to sail.  For photos check the link.

Üüdibe bay could be promising for a smaller regatta. The ice is growing there day-by-day and the snow cover is light, only 1-2 cm. Unfortunately the space is limited, not more than 1,5 km from the shore to the new thin ice. There is no chance to sail the WC/EC here.  Some pictures here.

Today evening we move towards Hiiumaa and will check the ice in Orjaku Bay.

Keep tuned, the decision comes on Thursday.


Think Ice,


Your Commodore

Attila Pataky


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Feb 18 2018

WC/EC 2018 – IceScouting (Second Report)

Today we checked two sites in Poland.

Siemianowka has full ice cover, no cracks on the lake.  The ice thickness is 15-17 cm. There is light snow cover on the surface. 3 cm of old snow and 1 cm new snow. Some photos you can find here.

On Lake Niegocin near Gizycko the Polish Championship has taken place this weekend. The ice is very good, no snow on the surface. There is a very big area behind the crack to place the WC. Could be a good alternative site.

Tomorrow we continue heading further North to Litvania and Estonia.


Think Ice,


Your Commodore

Attila Pataky


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Feb 16 2018

WC/EC 2018 – IceScouting (First Report)

Dear Fellow Iceboaters,

The official start of WC/EC is almost in a one-week reach. I hope that all of you are prepared both in your body and in your soul for a great event.  Please check your gears again, update your knowledge about the rules and Think Ice!

Tomorrow we will depart for the traditional ice outing tour to find the best place to sail the 2018 WC/EC. Of course Estonia is our primary destination, but we should have reserve places as well.

Though last year we had great ice in Hungary,  this year the weather hadn’t pampered us. We had plus temperatures all times and hence the lakes hadn’t frozen at all. The neighbouring countries have almost the same situation.

We have some ice on Lipno, but quality of the ice is not the best and the place available is too small for more than 20 boats.

Germany though has some ice, but too thin to sail on it.

In Poland the Nationals will be sailed this week-end on Lake Dargin. We’ll check those lakes in the neighbourhood whether they fit the criteria for alternative/reserve site for the upcoming event.

In Lithuania the Rekyvos Lake hosted the Juniors. At the end of the event there were some issues with snow, which can be melted by now. We will check this place as well.

Latvia has hard snow on ice . It is impossible to sail on it.

Finland also has plenty of snow (8-10 cm).

In Sweden there are a few places with ice, but the real condition still not reported. The monotypes moved from Sweden to Estonia two weeks ago having better conditions there. The situation may have changed since then.

In Estonia they have very good old ice (15-20 cm) between the mainland and the island, as well as in the Parnu Bay and some new ice further out to the sea.

Thus we will travel through Poland visiting Siemianówka and the Mazurian Lakes, then move forward to check Rekyvos Lake in Lithuania and finally land in Estonia for a very thorough ice check of all possible sites.

If needed we can move forward to either Sweden or to Finland.

Please keep me informed about the situation near you. I always count on the opinion of experience sailors.

Post your icereport online on the IDNIYRA website or Contact me ether via e-mail: commodore@idniyra.eu, or by phone: +36 (30) 447 3688.

Facebook Messenger, Viber and WatsApp is also an option.

Think Ice,


Your Commodore

Attila Pataky


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Feb 15 2018

Polish Championships 2018

Update by email from Maciej Brosz:

Everything is here http://www.bojery.pl/index.php/sfpdn/nowosci/366-mistrzostwa-polski-dn-2018

Please, use a translator.
The champs are on.
On Friday there’s a warm up event on lake Niegocin, info is here   http://www.bojery.pl/index.php/sfpdn/nowosci/367-warm-up-regatta-puchar-komandora-floty-polskiej-dn
Best regards,
Maciej, P247.

From National Secretary by email:

Organisation is in progress. PC starts on Saturday.


Note: Try the Polish website for details.

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Feb 14 2018

JEC2018 Second version of the final results

The 10th place was: P- 65 Bernat, Piotr POLAND 1994 / M 4 2 28 / DNS 34
It’s in position 9:         P- 65 Bernat, Piotr POLAND 1994 / M 4 2 22               28                


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Feb 13 2018

Ice in Estonia

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