Feb 24 2018

WC/EC is moving

The decision is made to leave the site in Gizycko and move to the Lake  Wielimie near the city of Szczecinek.

The Headquarter is in Hotel “Pojezierze” ul. Wyszynskiego 69a, 78-400 Szczecinek.

The launching area: Gwda Wielka, 53.750607N, 16.789918E.

Tomorrow is the transfer day. The races will start on Monday.

At 9:00 Skippers Meeting on the ice at Launching Site. The first Mini-qualification race starts at 10:00.

Your Commodore,

Attila Pataky

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Feb 24 2018

Opening Ceremony

Hello Sailors,

for those who have not read it at the race office.

Opening Ceremony is at 16.30 h at the yacht harbour Ekomarina

See you there

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Feb 24 2018


The Opening Ceremony will take place today (24/02) at 16:30 in the Harbor EKOMARINA. We’ll have a small party after the ceremony. All are welcome.

Unfortunately we have to move to another site. There are a few possibilities in Poland.  The Offical Announcement about the new site will be after the Opening Ceremony.

Stay tuned


Think Ice (with less snow),

Your Commodore,

Attila Pataky



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Feb 22 2018

WC/EC Primary site update

WC/EC primary site Kaugatoma, Saaremaa site update.  New black ice forming rapidly. Race site size 4x3km and growing, ice tickness 11-16cm new ice and getting thicker by the hour. Sunday it will definately be 20+ cm of clear black ice.

Pictures taken today 22.02 at 11am

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Feb 22 2018

WC/EC 2018 – IceScouting (Fourth Report) – DECISION


As promised yesterday morning we checked the conditions in Orjaku Bay. It is a very nice place with a lot of new facilities and a great area to sail. Unfortunately, the ice is covered by 6-8 cm old and heavy snow.

I would have loved to hold the WC/EC 2018 there, but looking at the weather forecasts it would either be a pushing competition with low winds or in higher winds some competitors could come back with frostbites. Extremely cold weather and more snow are predicted for the area.

There were reports of some other promising areas in Poland, but as of today, the ice thickness is not sufficient to accommodate 150 competitors.

Herewith I would like to say THANK YOU for all, who helped me in icescouting or contributed any information for making the proper decision.

Thus the DECISION is:

The 2018 WC/EC will be held on Lake Niegocin, Poland.

Launching site is

Przystań Jachtowa Ekomarina in the city of Gyzicko.

The Head Quarters will be in Hotel St. Bruno.

You can make a reservation by e-mail: recepcja@hotelstbruno.pl, or by telephone: +48 87 732 65 00 quoting “iceboat” or “bojer”. Double room with breakfast will cost 209 PLZ/night (cca. 50 EUR).

Drive safely & See you all there!

Think Ice,
Your Commodore,

Attila Pataky



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Feb 21 2018

Ice Report from Estonia WC/EC

In Estonia, Saaremaa we have more than one spot where to sail the WC2018 and EC2018:

Kaugatoma, Ariste bay – ice thickness 14-18cm, covered with 1cm powder snow. The area is at least 1,5km and after that new growing ice with thickness today 7-9cm and growing day-by-day. For Sunday thickness is approximately 15cm and area is then more than 3,5km. Very promising weather forecast for Kaugatoma.

We think it is definitely suitable place for WC2018 and EC2018.

Tommorrow morning we will check again the conditions and will inform in here about 11:00.

Photos are taken in Kaugatoma, Ariste bay (21.02.2018 15:00).

Video from site —–    http://www.esticesailing.ee/

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