Feb 16 2020


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Feb 16 2020

Sailing instructions JWC/JEC 2020

Dear young icesailors:

attached you have SI for JWC 2020 .

JPM Stan Macur.


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Feb 16 2020

JWC/JEC 2020 Sunday decision.

Dear young icesailors and parents/trainers.

We have checked lake Furudal today morning and found that the ice is very good, hard,

without any (!) cracks and 30cm in thickness .

The harbour will be on big parking near church white building ( Ora Kyrka ) with good aces

to the ice for trailers . https://maps.app.goo.gl/PCAhJMPUHeT6zz1L7

Check-in today (Sunday ) 15:00-19:00 in grey building near reception.

Skippers meeting and opening ceremony tomorrow ( Monday Feb 17th ) on the Furudal ice

10:00 and first start scheduled for DN-Junior at 12:00.

Welcome you All.


Stan Macur. P-111.


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Feb 15 2020

WC/EC 2020 – Closing Post

Dear Fellow Icesailors, Frieds of Icesailing,

Today we have finished the 2020 World and European Championships. The weather conditions were challenging.

As you know Orsasjön was the only lake in Europe to provide sufficient ice conditions for a regatta hosting 150 icesailors. The wind was moderate the first two days, but we still could sail 7 races, thus on the fourth day we finished the WC.

The 2020 DN World Champion is: P- 155, Lukasz Zakrzewski

We spent the last three days on the ice without wind, hoping that on the last day of the event we can sail the Europeans. Though we had the wind we were waiting for, but the ice conditions did not allow us to sail the European Championship.
I would like to thank you all who came and participated,  the Race Committee for their professional work, Orsa Camping for hosting our event and their guests who tolerated our busy and sometimes loud behaviour and a Special Thanks to all the supporters and volunteers.
You can find some beautiful photo on page under the link: https://www.facebook.com/GillesMorellePhotography/ 
And here
Think Ice,
Attila Pataky

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Feb 14 2020

European Championship 2020- fleet spliting

Fellow Icesailors,

Almost all of you confirmed your participation in tommorow races.

The fleet spliting will stay as posted before.

See you on the skippers meeting,


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Feb 14 2020

European Championship – saturday

Fellow Icesailors,


We wish to remaind albout confirming your participation in tommorow races.

Notice board with the list is outside the Race Office.


Think Ice,


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