2021 Ordinary Annual (Secretaries’) Meeting

Dear Fellow Iceboaters,

The 2021 Ordinary Annual Meeting of the National Secretaries and IDNIYRA EU Board Members will be held online on 24-25 April.

This is two weeks earlier than originally agreed because some participants asked to move the date, which request was considered to assure the maximum number of participants.

As you may know from our Organisation Rules, that the Letters to the Board are accepted six weeks before the Meeting, which period would end this weekend, but in order to provide a chance for everyone to be heard we extend this period by one week.

Please send your thoughts and ideas by the end of next week (21 March) to commodore@idniyra.eu with a copy to secretary@idniyra.eu, indicating the subject “Letters to the Board”.

Think Ice,
Attila Pataki (M-100)


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Happy Restoration of Independence Day Lithuania! Follow the ETNO-LR Iceyacht Team Regatta – LIVE!

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Estonian Championship summary videos

Hello fellow iceboaters

Estonian Championship was held last weekend. We had guests from Latvia and Hungary! We got some great races with 32 boats in DN class.

Here are three videos summarising the weekend. Enjoy!

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2021 Lithuanian Republic Ice Yacht Cup – Live

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2021 Estonian Championship – Live

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2021 Lithuanian Championships Live

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