Oct 05 2020

New Vice-Commodore

Dear Fellow Iceboaters,

As many of you know, we held an online secretaries’ meeting last weekend where we discussed and voted on many of the issues we were unable during the spring meeting.

We are happy to announce that out of the 3 nominees Mihkel Kosk C-45 has won the election for vice-commodore with an overwhelming majority vote and support of the national secretaries.
Mihkel is an active DN and softwater sailor in Dragon Class. He has proved himself as the national secretary for Estonia for about 10 years and lately as a trainer for the estonian Junior DN and IceOptimist team.

Welcome onboard Mihkel!

The minutes of the meeting will be published later this week.

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Aug 12 2020

2021 Gold Cup & North American Championship Q&A

Photo: Debbie Parker

The North American DN Class posted the following update regarding the 2021 World Championship in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic:

2021 Gold Cup Regatta Q & As

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Aug 07 2020

2021 Ranking Published!

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Apr 16 2020


Dear Fellow Icesailors,

As of today we haven’t received any nominations for the following vacancies, which would need to be filled on the upcoming National Secretaries’ Meeting:

  • Vice-Commodore
  • Auditor


Would you have any nominees to these positions, please let us know at office@idniyra.eu by next Wednesday (22 April 2020).


Think Ice,
Attila Pataky


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Apr 16 2020

Results IDNIYRA Ballot Spring 2020

The first online vote of IDNIYRA members in Europe and North America for a ballot is finished. We had a very good turnout, thanks to all of you. (NA 64%, EU 75%).
Proposal 1-3 failed, Proposal 4 passed.
View the combined results of both continents:



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Apr 12 2020

Current Ballot Vote

Hello DN sailors
I would like to remind you again of the Ballot Vote, which ends on April 15. All eligible voters had received an email with the one-time voting link. Now a reminder email has been sent again to all those who have not yet voted.
As of today we have a turnout of 56%. Please take the chance and drive the number up.
Cheers, Godie

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