After 2 days and 7 races of intense competition in Haapsalu Bay, Estonia the 2022 Junior World Championship has been concluded with Swedish and Estonian victories.

31 young icesailors from 4 countries competed at the Junior World Championships in DN Junior and IceOptimist class iceboats.

In DN Class Oskar Svensson S714 after an intense competition secured the title of Junior World Champion 2022.
The Estonian Rasmus Maalinn C20 multiple Junior Champion won silver, while Gustav Linden S887 insured the bronze medal for the Swedish team.
The Top Scoring Girl DN Sailors were Laura Banach P102 , Lisbeth Taggu C50 & Liise Väliste C55.

In IceOptimist the Estonians took the podium. Aron Poolma C3 won the gold medal and became IceOptimist World Champion in 2022.
Anni Kubjas C28 won silver, while Leene Väliste C191 won bronze.

Congrats to all & Thank you for participating in this challenging event!
The racing resumes tomorrow with the Junior European Championship.

Photos of the events are published in the Estonian Icesailing Facebook group by Valeri Larionov.
Cover photo from the WC2022 by Anna Pataki, footer by Valeri Larionov.

results (corrected 2022.03.09):

WC 2022, DN Class, 9.03.2022 Results
WC 2022, Iceoptimist Class, 9.03.2022 Results