NIA – Constitution


Article I. Name
The name of this organization shall be the NATIONAL ICEBOAT AUTHORITY.

Article II. Objects

The organization was formed to act as a body that will advise iceboating enthusiasts on the proper methods of conducting iceboating races and to establish a set of racing rules and then to handle appeals from protests and advise iceboaters as to the proper interpretation and application of these rules; to encourage the establishment of local iceboat clubs; to provide a medium for the exchange of ideas for the purpose of developing better rules for the conduct and regulation of iceboat racing; to provide a common meeting place for an annual dinner for commingling of members, the exchange of ideas, and developing of personal and social relationships among iceboat enthusiasts.

Article III.

Section 1: Its membership shall consist of:

(a) Iceboat associations and clubs.

(b) Individual members who are persons interested in promoting safety in iceboating.

Section 2: All the above classes of membership shall, upon payment of the initiation fees and any levied dues, be eligible to receive all publications of the AUTHORITY and to be represented at the annual symposium of the AUTHORITY.

Article IV. Directors

Section 1: The directors of the AUTHORITY shall be six in number, namely: Charles Boston, Elmer A. Millenbach, Thomas K. Nichols, Jane Pegel, Robert E. Pegel, John E. Ripp.

Section 2: A director shall hold office until such time as he wishes to retire or is expelled by unanimous vote of the other directors. At such time, the association he represents (or other group as chosen by the directors) shall submit names of replacements to the directors and they shall choose a replacement.

Article V. Duties of Directors

Section 1: Acting as a group, the directors will hear and decide, in conformity with the Racing Rules, all appeals involving the interpretation of the Racing Rules of the AUTHORITY by the Judges and (or) Race Committee of any association or club which is a member of the AUTHORITY, providing the local hearing body gives its consent.

Section 2: The directors may amend the Racing Rules by a four-fifths vote.

Section 3: The directors shall choose, from among their ranks, one member to serve as Secretary-Treasurer. This person shall keep a record of the proceedings of all meetings of the directors; shall keep a roll of members; shall collect all moneys and deposit same in a bank approved by the directors; shall pay all bills and keep an accurate account of same; shall see that all before mentioned reports are sent to members; shall receive appeals.

Section 4: The directors will consider and act upon application for membership in the AUTHORITY.

Section 5: The directors shall see to it that there is available for sale to iceboat enthusiasts a supply of books containing the Racing Rules and shall handle the sale of these in a manner so as to cover the cost of the service.

Article VI. Representation

When a new director is chosen, care must be taken so that he represents a group that is numerous at the time.

Article VII. Meetings

Section 1: The directors shall meet at such times and places that are convenient to them. Such meetings may be by mail.

Section 2: Meetings to hear appeals must be held with all reasonable promptness from the time the Secretary receives an appeal.

Section 3: Four-fifths representation of the directors (in person or by proxy) shall constitute a quorum. Except a director shall not take part in a hearing of an appeal involving a yacht in which he was an owner or on which he was a sailor at the time of the incident in question. A three-fourths majority of directors present is required for passage of any motion.

Section 4: The directors (wholly or singly) must preside over a general meeting of all members to be held annually at a time and place to be announced by the directors in the annual report of the previous year. At this meeting discussion will be held pertaining to subjects on an agenda, the contents of which shall be announced at the beginning of the meeting. The chairman, selected by the directors from among their ranks, may limit discussion as he sees fit. Individual members of the AUTHORITY are eligible to attend this meeting. Each club and association member may send two delegates to represent it.

Article VIII. Initiation Fees and Dues

Section 1: Members shall pay an initiation fee in these amounts:

(a) Associations: $10.00

(b) Local Clubs: $5.00

(c) Individuals: $2.00

Section 2: Dues to the extent of the initiation fee may be levied annually. Members will be billed on November 1. Dues shall be paid by January 1, and on March 1 delinquent members will be removed from the roll.

Article IX. Resignation and Expulsion

The membership of any Association, Club, or individual may be forfeited by voluntary withdrawal or disbandment, by non-payment of levied dues before March 1 of each year, or by a four-fifths vote of the directors.

Article X. Amendments

Amendments to this Constitution may be adopted at any meeting of the board of directors by a unanimous vote of those present.

Article XI. Policy

Section 1: This organization is organized exclusively for and is and will be operated exclusively for the purposes specified in Article II “Objects” as set forth above;

Section 2: No part of its net income will inure to the benefit of any individuals or persons whomsoever;

Section 3: It will not devote a substantial part of its activities to influence legislation, or participate in a political campaign for or against any candidate for office;

Section 4: In the event of dissolution its net assets, if any, shall be distributed to such organization, exempt from income taxes under section 501© subparagraphs 3 or 7 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954, as is then chosen by the then Directors of this organization.