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in Memoriam: ENDEL VOOREMAA (1930 – 2022)

in Memoriam: ENDEL VOOREMAA (1930 – 2022)

Dear DN Class members,
This morning, on July 25, 2022, Endel Vooremaa passed away at the age of 92.
Endel was one of the most successful ice sailors and summer sailors.

Born on May 6, 1930, in Kuressaare, Estonia, Endel started sailing at the age of 8 and ice sailing at the age of 14 in 1944.
He designed sails and was an ice sailing coach for the Soviet and later the Estonian team. He served our community as a member of the European Board and the Technical Committee of the DN Class, at the icesailing commission of the Soviet Union Sailing Federation, and the presidium of the Soviet Sailing Federation. He worked at Haapsalu KEK and was a scholarship holder of the NL Sports Committee.

His son Vaiko Vooremaa and grandson Argo Vooremaa have also grown up to be accomplished icesailors.

In ice sailing DN class, won 2 silvers at the World Championships (1974 and 1978) and 3 golds (1971-73), and 1 silver (1977) at the European Championships. He won seven golds and three silvers in the DN class 1969-79 at the Soviet Union championships, and silver in the monotype XV class 1962 and 1963.  He was the Estonian champion in ice sailing in the DN class in 1970, 1972, 1974, monotype in the XV class in 1961, in sailing in the Flying Dutchman Class in 1963, and in the Folkboot class in 1968, 1970, and 1975.
Master athlete in ice sailing (1961), grand champion (1971). Honored champion athlete of the Soviet Union (1973).

Awarded the Läänela Medal of Merit in 1996.
Awarded with the coat of arms of Haapsalu in 1997.


A brisk wind and good gliding to him on the sea of eternity!

Our hearts go out to his family and everyone who had the honour of knowing him.

New DN Technical Committee in action

New DN Technical Committee in action

We received the following update from Technical Committee member Tomek Zakrzewski:

Yesterday we held our first ever online meeting of the DN Technical Committee. It was a great opening of the new TC setup.

TC has recognized the great effort of Warren Nethercote who offered thoughts on revised class specifications. We will take it as a starting point to deliver ballot proposals section by section by early October 2022. The goal is to make rules more clear and reader-friendly and eliminate obvious confusions.

TC will appreciate any valuable input from class members.

Stay tuned for more news from TC.

Warren’s Revised Specification Proposals are readable in the 2022 May Issue of the Runner Tracks.

The 2022 Runner Tracks May Edition is Out!

The 2022 Runner Tracks May Edition is Out!

Fresh off the Press. Get it while it’s hot!

The season-finale Runner Tracks newsletter is on your virtual doorstep. Many thanks to our advertisers who help bring Runner Tracks to you, to contributors, David Frost, Ron Sherry, and Warren Nethercote, and to photographers Gretchen Dorian and Anna Pataki.


Runner Tracks May 2022

National Secretaries’ Meeting 2022: Elections

National Secretaries’ Meeting 2022: Elections

During last weekend’s National Secretaries’ Meeting the following members were elected to serve as officers of the European DN Class:

Board Members (elected for 2 years):
Commodore: Mihkel Kosk (C45)
Vice-Commodore: John Winquist (L601)
Treasurer: Jerzy Henke (P58) (re-elected)

Other European Officers:
Auditor: Peter Uhlmann (OE213) (re-elected for 2 years)
EDNIA member (replacement for John Winquist for the remaining 5 years of his term): Mike Pettersson (L65)

Technical Committee:
There are multiple changes in personnel within the European delegation to the TC:
Richard Larsson has resigned due to personal reasons during the season. The 1 year remaining of his term will be filled in by David Croner (S1).
At the request of the Technical Committee and the North American DN Class, Peter Hamrák has been recalled from the TC due to allegations of questionable conduct. For the remainder of his term (3 years) Argo Vooremaa (C36) was elected.

The detailed Minutes of the Meeting will be available on the website within the upcoming weeks.

We welcome all new members to the administration of the European DN Class!

We would like to thank outgoing Commodore Attila Pataky M100, and former TC member Richard Larsson S807 for all their years of work for our Community.

(Cover picture – Left to Right: John Winquist, David Croner, Argo Vooremaa, Mike Peterson)

Greetings from our New Commodore, Mihkel Kosk

Greetings from our New Commodore, Mihkel Kosk

Dear Fellow Iceboaters,

The 2022 National Secretaries’ Meeting was held during the last weekend with great participation from both sides of the Pond. Matters were discussed and decisions were made.

During the election, the choice of Commodore was between Attila and me. The votes were almost a tie, very close. One might say that we have a split in DN Europe. I feel differently, as I was getting good support from sailors and I hope to get it in the future as well! 

I would like to give a Big Thank You to Attila for the time and work he put into IDNIYRA-Europe! He has become a true Ambassador for the DN Class in the world and for me leaves big shoes to step into! Also a Big Thank You to All of the Board Members for all your work and time.

For me the start will be ruff and not easy, decisions are to be made sometimes quickly. And then comes the daily workload. But I think the majority of the DN fleet is more together and on the same page as ever before! I’m very happy about that and time will tell if we make the right decisions for the DN future!

Thank You John Winqvist L601 for becoming my Vice Commodore, and the rest of the Board for continuing. I would also like to Thank Mike Peterson L65, for stepping in as EDNIA, David Croner S1, and Argo Vooremaa C36 for stepping in as TC member replacements for the remainder of the terms!

I’m looking forward to working with you all.

Think Ice,

Mihkel Kosk (C-45)

Final Post from our outgoing Commodore, Attila Pataky

Final Post from our outgoing Commodore, Attila Pataky

Dear Fellow Iceboaters,

After 20 years of serving the Class in different positions, it is time for me to finally have fun in ice sailing, step back and pass all duties to the younger generation. At our regular Annual Meeting, a new Commodore and a new Vice Commodore were elected. I congratulate Mikhel Kosk and Johny Winquist on their new positions and wish them success, patience, and wisdom in their work. I hope they will bring new, fresh ideas and more young sailors to our Class.

I started my work in the DN Class in 2002 when the Hungarian Fleet rejoined IDNIYRA Europe after a 25 years break. I can state that it was a pleasure to work with all of you on the former and recent Boards. Thank you for your support!

I would also like to say thank you to whole the ice sailing community. Though sometimes my decisions were questioned by some of the sailors, I assure you that they were always driven by my willingness to serve the Class to the best of my ability.

I wish the new Board success and lots of energy to serve the Class. I will always support them in the future and provide advice if they require so.

Best wishes to all of you for the upcoming summer season and keep your runners sharp.

Think Ice,

Attila Pataky

2022/23 Season Dates Announced

2022/23 Season Dates Announced

Almost 50 years ago, in 1973, DN sailors from around the world gathered for the first IDNIYRA World Championship at Gull Lake, in Michigan U.S.A.

During the next two seasons, IDNIYRA North America and IDNIYRA Europe will each take the opportunity to honor 50 years of international competition. In January 2023, DN North America will kick off the celebration by commemorating the 50th anniversary of the first World Championships. DN Europe will continue the 50th-anniversary theme when it hosts the actual 50th running of the World Championship in 2024.
Join the celebration by attending the IDNIYRA World Championship which is scheduled for January 21-28, 2023, in the Western Region of North America.


World Championship and North American Championship: January 21 – 28, 2023
Host Region: North American Western Lakes (MN, WI, IA, IL, UP of MI, IN)

European Championship: February 18-25, 2023

Junior DN & Ice Optimist World & European Championships March 4-10, 2023

Visit our regatta calendar for more details.

cover photo: Anna Pataki

Feedback 2022

Feedback 2022

Dear Fellow Iceboaters and Fans of the DN Community,

Thank you for participating and following this season’s Championships. Please help us improve our future events by filling out the following short surveys:

2022 World & European Championships:

2022 Junior World & European Championships:

As you might have seen in the minutes of our previous meeting and in our calendar we will be holding our next National Secretaries’ Meeting Online on April 23-24, 2022.
According to our Organisation Rules “Issues (from members) … must be communicated to both the Commodore and Secretary at least 6 weeks before the meeting day” in order to make it to the agenda.
Therefore we kindly ask you -in addition to filling out the surveys- to send us your notices, problems, and recommendations, which you want us to discuss during our next meeting before the 14th of March to:

Oskar Svensson DN S714 & Aron Poolma IceOptimist C3 Win Junior Europeans 2022

Oskar Svensson DN S714 & Aron Poolma IceOptimist C3 Win Junior Europeans 2022

After 2 days of racing the 2022 Junior European Championship has concluded in Haapsalu Bay, Estonia.
In DN Class Oskar Svensson S714 has been leading through most of the races confidently and secured the title of Junior European Champion 2022.
Gustav Linden S887 insured the silver medal while the Estonian Rasmus Maalinn C20 previous Junior Champion won bronze.
The Top Scoring Girl DN Sailors were Laura Banach P102 , Lisbeth Taggu C50 & Liise Väliste C55.

In IceOptimist Aron Poolma C3 won the gold medal and became IceOptimist World Champion in 2022.
Leene Väliste C191 won silver, while Emma Mia Kaar C1 won bronze.

Congrats to all & Thank you for participating in this challenging event!

Cover photo by Valeri Larionov


EC 2022, DN Class, 9.03.2022 Results
EC 2022, Iceoptimist Class, 9.03.2022 Results
Oskar Svensson DN S714 & Aron Poolma IceOptimist C3 Win Junior World Championships 2022

Oskar Svensson DN S714 & Aron Poolma IceOptimist C3 Win Junior World Championships 2022

After 2 days and 7 races of intense competition in Haapsalu Bay, Estonia the 2022 Junior World Championship has been concluded with Swedish and Estonian victories.

31 young icesailors from 4 countries competed at the Junior World Championships in DN Junior and IceOptimist class iceboats.

In DN Class Oskar Svensson S714 after an intense competition secured the title of Junior World Champion 2022.
The Estonian Rasmus Maalinn C20 multiple Junior Champion won silver, while Gustav Linden S887 insured the bronze medal for the Swedish team.
The Top Scoring Girl DN Sailors were Laura Banach P102 , Lisbeth Taggu C50 & Liise Väliste C55.

In IceOptimist the Estonians took the podium. Aron Poolma C3 won the gold medal and became IceOptimist World Champion in 2022.
Anni Kubjas C28 won silver, while Leene Väliste C191 won bronze.

Congrats to all & Thank you for participating in this challenging event!
The racing resumes tomorrow with the Junior European Championship.

Photos of the events are published in the Estonian Icesailing Facebook group by Valeri Larionov.
Cover photo from the WC2022 by Anna Pataki, footer by Valeri Larionov.

results (corrected 2022.03.09):

WC 2022, DN Class, 9.03.2022 Results
WC 2022, Iceoptimist Class, 9.03.2022 Results


WCEC 2022 – Photos Published!

WCEC 2022 – Photos Published!

Dear Fellow Icesailors,

Great news! Along with the photos during the event additional images were published of the 2022 WCEC:
Anna Pataki’s Gallery | Oscar Lindell’s Gallery | Gilles Morelle’s Gallery

If you’re interested in purchasing the photos in print quality please contact Anna Pataki, Oscar Lindell or Gilles Morelle.
If you have photos or videos you’d like to see published on our website please contact

We are incredibly grateful to our photographers and members of our community who contribute to the better communication of our sport.


JWC-JEC 2022 Update 1

JWC-JEC 2022 Update 1

Dear Young Icesailors, Parents, and Trainers,

The DN-Junior and Ice-Optimist WC&EC 2022 scheduled for March 6th-11th will take place in Haapsalu, Estonia starting with the check-in on Sunday, March 6th.

Sailors are encouraged to participate in the Estonian Cup Regatta between March 5-6 in order to have a good practice before the championship races.

I received confirmation from the Estonian officials that the situation there is safe and it is no special risk to organize the event there in the current situation.

Please consider your participation as a confirmation for Estonia as the host of the event.

See you there,

Stan Macur DN P-111

Łukasz Zakrzewski P155 Wins 2022 European Championship & EuroCup

Łukasz Zakrzewski P155 Wins 2022 European Championship & EuroCup

After an exiting day with racing in near perfect conditions at Storsjøen, Norway, the 2022 DN European Championship and EuroCup has been concluded with Polish victory.
Łukasz Zakrzewski (P155) dominated the scoreboard and won his first European Championship. The Silver medal in A Fleet was won by his brother Tomek (P55), while Jarek Radzki (P431) came in 3rd.

The B Fleet gold was won by Roman Kopylov (R105), silver Marcin Tejszerski (P378), the bronze medal was awarded to Hans Eriksson (S441).

Congrats to all & Thank you for participating at this challenging event!

photos by Anna Pataki

Update! Corrected results:
EC2022 DN Finish-Storsjoen

Events 2022 – Tracking

Dear Fellow Competitors,

As before we have been providing online tracking to each sailor who are willing to bring their smartphones with them during the race and trainings of the WC & EC.

  1. Please download and register in the KWINDOO Tracking app. Enable Location Services & other requirements of the app.
  2. On the ice, Refresh the event list and choose DN World & European Championships (or JWC/JEC).
  3. Start Tracking, and put your phone in a warm place (inner pocket) and if you have attach a powerbank.
  4. When finished with the day on the ice, don’t forget to stop the tracker.

Your activity will be rewatchable live on the regatta website and after 17.00 on your device.