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2021 Lithuanian Championships Live


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Junior WC&EC 2021 postponed again

Problems with Covid-19 still do not allow to organise a safe regatta this winter. We decided together with Estonian DN Fleet as organisers to postpone again DN-Junior and Ice-Optimist WC&EC 2021  and play them in December 2021. We would very much  like  to give  you all a chance to participate in championship this year. New information and decisions will be published on November 10th 2021the latest. I wish you interesting local ice sailing this winter. Stay healthy and see you in December 2021 ! Stan Macur . DN P-111 JPM IDNIYRA-Europe.  

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2021 EuroCup Decision

Dear Fellow Icesailors, I regret to inform you that this season there is no possibility to organise a safe, COVID-19 free IDNIYRA EU event therefore we decided to cancel the 2021 EuroCup. Wish you a joyful rest of the season with a lot of local sailing. Stay safe and healthy. Think Ice, Attila Pataky (M-100) Commodore

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WC 2020 Kwindoo Replay

Dear Fellow Iceboaters, This time last year we concluded the 2020 DN World Championship at the scenic Lake Orsa, Sweden. Please enjoy the replay of the event via the tracking provided by Kwindoo and our volenteering icesailors. With the cold weather moving in there are multiple events planned and on the way. Should anyone in the community wish to use the service this season, I do have an organiser’s account with which I would be happy to set up regattas free of charge. With it you can help the job of your Race Committee by providing valuable information, your loved ones at home and the iceboating community can follow and …

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2021 DN EuroCup is postponed

Dear Fellow Icesailors, After recent meeting with National Secretaries and European Board Members a decision was made that the DN EuroCup can not be held in the originally planned timeframe. Still there is chance to have a European event in this season, therefore we decided to postpone the non-ranking 2021 DN EuroCup till mid of March. The final decision to hold or not to hold this event will be made on end of February. Till that time we will thouroughly  monitor the COVID19 situation in Europe and will make a consultancy meeting to ease the decision of the Commodore.   Think Ice Attila Pataky (M-100) Commodore      

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Junior WC&EC 2021 postponed.

Dear Junior Icesailors, I have disscused with Estonian organizers situation with ice conditions and especially with covid-19 problems and we have agreed to postpone our event Junior WC&EC 2021 for three weeks to the data March 07th-12ve. 2021. The data for regular entry is also postponed until Feb 15th2021- 24.00. Wish you good ice practice season. Think Ice and stay healthy. Think Ice, Stan Macur JPM IDNIYRA Europe

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