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Official regatta logo of JWC Riga, Latvia

  Official regatta logo of the 2014 DN Junior and Ice optimist World & European championships. All participants invited to register online and welcome.

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Welcome to the Junior News board

This is the official news board of IDNIYRA-Europe for DN-Junior and Ice Opti sailors. You can read all content without being registered.

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NOR – DN-Junior and Ice Opti WC / EC and European Cup 2014

Dear Friends, I would like to invite all young icesailors in the World to Latvia in 2014. See the Notice of Race of World and European DN-Junior and Ice-Optimist championship and European Cup 2014. NOR – DN-JUNIOR AND ICE OPTI WC / EC and European Cup 2014 The organizing authority of the Regatta is the Latvian DN Icesailing Association in cooperation with JK ”AUDA” and IDNIYRA-Europe Society e.V. represented by the Junior Program Manager. Partners: Council of Riga The primary site is Lake Kisezers, Riga, Latvia. Various other sailing areas in Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania and Poland can be used to provide this regatta. The championship regatta will be sailed under …

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