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Current Ballot – Deadline is 30th of November 2019

This is the last Ballot with write in and send back. The next ballots will be online vote!

Ballot on EPIC Agreement and Regatta Management Agreement
In the Spring, 2018 a working party of the North American and European Governing Committees of
IDNIYRA met to discuss ways of bringing the two continents closer together. The two Governing
Committees wanted to protect the health of the DN class and ensure that members sailed the same
boat under the same regatta conditions, world-wide.
The working party developed two documents, the EPIC (Established Procedures of Iceboat Competition)
and the Regatta Management Agreements that set common standards for class and regatta
management, and among other things, would supersede the current Specifications Management
System. The two agreements introduced no significant changes in what we do, but instead largely
acknowledged and codified current best practices. The two Governing Committees approved the
documents which were circulated to members in the July 2018 Runner Tracks.

Link to EPIC Agreement and Regatta Management Agreement

Adoption of the EPIC Agreement and the Regatta Management Agreement requires member approval.
In anticipation of this requirement, IDNIYRA EU has dissolved its Hamburg-based organization and
incorporated a new, Vienna-based IDNIYRA EU which requires direct, fee-paying membership, like
IDNIYRA in North America. With an explicit, fee-paying membership in IDNIYRA EU now established, the
matter is now presented to IDNIYRA and IDNIYRA EU members for their consideration.
Articles VII and XII of the Specifications Management System (SMS) require that changes to the SMS be
approved by a postal vote of members. Replacement of the SMS by the EPIC and Regatta Management
Agreements changes the SMS by deleting it, so consideration of the EPIC and Regatta Management
Agreements is being conducted by postal ballot. Two-thirds of the ballots cast must support the motion
for it to be approved.
Should the EPIC and Regatta Management Agreements be adopted future ballots on DN specifications
changes would be conducted electronically.
The two Governing Committees recommend member approval of the EPIC and Regatta Management
Agreements, and deletion of the current Specifications Management System, since the EPIC and Regatta
Management Agreements will supersede it.

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