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Aug 13 2015

WC/EC 2016 – DATE

Dear friends,   I mentioned a lot of information about WC/EC 2016 but I forgot the most important information. WC and EC 2016 will be sailed from 23. January 2016 to 30. January 2016. NOR will be published latest at the end of October.   Thanks and Think Ice Niklas OE 221

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Aug 11 2015

WC/EC 2016 – Slideshow

Dear friends,   we are hard working on the organization of WC and EC 2016. We pray that we will have a good winter in our region and we hope to host the events at Neusiedlersee in Austria.   We plan to make a slideshow with as many pictures as possible. So I ask the whole international community to send some nice pictures to our “Dropbox”. Please send the pictures in the highest resolution you have ! Videos are also welcome !   Thanks in advance and Think Ice   Niklas OE 221

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Jul 07 2015


Dear friends,   this is an in advance information concerning registration for WC/EC 2016.   In the coming season we have a novelty. At the National Secretaries Meeting we introduced the so called “Early-Entry”. This means, every sailor who makes an online-registration within the first 14 days after registration has opened is allowed to pay a reduced entry-fee.   Please keep in mind that you only can register with an Insurance-ID. Please be aware that this time WC/EC will be in January and registration opens on 01. December 2015 (12:00 CET). So “Early-Entry” will be possible until 15. December 2015 (24:00 CET).   Further information you will get – as …

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Oct 24 2014


Dear friends, daylight saving time will end comming Sunday (03:00 CET). So I guess it’s time to start to assign Insurance-IDs. Until now I received about ten insurances and all of them are ok. I hope that we will keep that percentage of correctness 😉 I wish you all a safe season with a lot of sailing and even more fun ! Think Ice, Niklas OE 221

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Sep 15 2014


Dear friends, if you use a smartphone there exists a better way than making a photo from your insurance document. Please make life for me and you easy and use the App “CamScanner” – which you can download for free. Android: I-Phone: Thanks a lot and Think Ice, Niklas  OE 221

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Feb 03 2014

Insurance-ID is not a registration for WC/EC 2014

Dear friends, having an Insurance-ID does NOT mean that you are registered for WC/EC 2014 !!! The Insurance-ID just ENABLES you to register ! This is rather easy and the next steps you have to do: open entry and use your sailnumber and the ID to login. Do not forget the “-“ between e.g. OE and 1234 (OE-1234) Fill in the form and register. Pay entry-fee, come to regatta-check-in. ….. and it’s for sure no fault to read the NOR !!! Think Ice Niklas OE 221

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