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Mar 28 2015

Important Information Regarding the European Championship A-Fleet Final Standings

Iceboaters, the weather at this year’s European Championship made things difficult for everyone involved. Tough decisions had to be made quickly which affected everyone. There was a lot of pressure put on the PRO and the Commodore to change the results of the regatta. Weeks after the event there had been time to review our decisions and correct some of our mistakes. It is important to set the precedent for proper procedures so that the same mistakes are not made in the future. 

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Mar 10 2015

5th A-Fleet Race European Championship

Iceboaters, today I appealed to the European Iceboat Authority (EIA) regarding my decision to withdraw the 5th A-fleet race after the majority of National Secretaries voted to do so. It is now in the Hands of the EIA to either verify or correct the decision taken. Thank you for your understanding JoerG-737 Commodore

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Feb 26 2015

European Championship 2015 Update – 3

ICEBOATERS What happened Wednesday and what will happen Thursday: Today I spent most of the day in Finland. Cara drove me around and we checked two sites while Raimo checked the third one. Thank you guys!!! The result: Finland is out. Even though sailing was possible until Tuesday it is no longer. It got too warm in Finland, just unbelievable! The icethickness there still is between 30 and 40 cm with 20 cm snowice on top of 20 cm hardice. But the snowice got too soft to sail on. Even angle runners wouldn’t work but  skis might do the Job. I continued in the afternoon to Estonia and arrived a …

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Feb 25 2015

European Championship 2015 Update – 2

Iceboaters, still too early to zoom in finally on a Country or even a lake! Everybody rather likes to know early where to drive too or book ferries too, which I am aware off. At the end you will have Options to pick from. While waiting for more precise weather prediction for the race week from next Monday a short Status Report:

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Feb 22 2015

European Championship 2015 – Update 1

Iceboaters, the European Championship will be held from next Sunday (Check-In) on in North Eastern Europe. The forecast changed today to colder weather in the Masuran Region for the following week. So Poland is back in the game!  Beside Poland there are so far Options in the Baltic States (especially Lithuania) and of course in Finland and Sweden.

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Oct 27 2014

Mandatory Rule Test for the Eurpean Championship/Euro Cup 2015

Dear Iceboaters The first boats have been out on the Ice in Russia and Finland. Time to get ready. Beside the equipment the sailors have to get ready too.  Physically and theoretically. To avoid surprises please study the following lines with care. Only those who pass the test will be allowed to participate in the major European Events from now on. You all are aware, that the “Right of Way Rules” in Iceboating are deferring a lot from those used in Soft Water sailing!? Are you absolutely sure you know every difference? The last years showed us it is known to evrybody. This led and could lead further to  critical situations. Just printing …

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