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Jan 21 2016

World and European Championship 2016 Update 5

Dear Friends As mentioned yesteday everything is possible. Last evening the Puk Bay got hit by quite a lot of wet snow. It is being checked again at this Moment but it is not likely at this moment that we will sail there. At this Moments Icescouts are on their way in Sweden, Lithuania and Hungary. I’ll keep you posted about the Progress we make during the day. We got positive Reports that are just doublechecked. Be assured  we are carefully checking all places before we go anywhere. Therefore do not expect an early decision. Be patient, positive and stay tuned. I don’t want to delay the Regatta right now. If …

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Jan 20 2016

World and European Championship 2016 Update 4

Dear Friends, if we had to make the decision today it would be for Poland. The decision will also depend on if and how much snow Poland receives tomorrow.  Currently the best place would be Puck Bay North of Gdynia (North of Gdansk) Be aware, before you start travelling, with the weather  situation we have now, anything is possible!!! I will have more news tomorrow. Looking forward to a good regatta! JoerG-737  

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Jan 18 2016

World and European Championship 2016 Update 3

Dear Friends Too many days to the next Weekend to announce anything. Our current main focus is on Poland and Sweden. Depending on the outcome of the snow predictions for tomorrow and Wednesday the current situation may change overnight!  At least we are lucky and have areas with ice and no snow in the forcast (e.g. lake  Glan in Sweden). Today we received several Reports from Vistula Lagoon (Krynica Morska) and Wladyslawowo/Puck. Also from Lake Glan in Sweden and the Stockholm area. Niklas will be out on the ice tomorrow in Kadiny (Vistula Lagoon) and check it. Attila startet today as well and is tonight in Zegrze. Both are checking ice tomorrow and …

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Jan 17 2016

World and European Championship Update 2

Dear friends, currently forcasts vary a lot. Now warmer weather forcasted for racing week. Therefore I have to adjust the announcement from a few hours ago. We focus now on the Center of Poland (Zegrze and Vistula Lagoon) and Sweden. Just so you know plenty of snow around the Masurian Lakes in Poland does take those lakes currently out of consideration. There is still time for a decision. Don’t expect it before Thursday.  For those travelling from distance we will close in on possible areas as soon we can. Keep you posted! JoerG-737

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Jan 16 2016

World and European Championship 2016 Update 1

Dear Friends Less than a week to the Championship. It is to early to tell you where we will have strong ice, no or little snow and wind on January 24th (first racing day) and following. But we can close in already a little! The main Focus is currently on Poland and Germany. We are still waiting for reports from Denmark and Sweden as well. The Baltic States all got hit by lots of snow and are not considered any more. Austria is out too. In the following days we are checking several other options that were reported. We have one Location in Poland, that has been sailed today and …

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Jan 14 2016

German Nationals On at January 16th/17th!

Dear Friends, the German Nationals will be sailed this Saturday January 16th  and this Sunday January 17th at “Saaler Bodden/Fischland” slightly Northeast of Rostock/Germany (appr. 30 km from Rostock). Tomorrow not before 12:00 the exact Location/Schedule and Headquarter will be annouced, due to final decision between two possible launching sites. Announcement on behalf of Bernd Zeiger G-107 National Secretary Germany

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