Mar 06

Estonian Cup final stage—- POSTPONED



Estonian Cup V stage is postponed due to lack of wind. It will be held next weekend 18-19.03.





Online info found on:

Facebook:   Eesti Jääpurjetamise Liit

For more info feel free to contact:

+372 5234525

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Mar 03

SM 2017 // Swedish Championship 2017

Next weekend it’s time for the Swedish Championship of 2017!

When: March 11 – 12 (+ training with super coach(!) P-36 Karol Jablonski on March 10)
Where: Best ice in Sweden (decision no later than March 9)

Head over to for more info and registration.

See you on the ice!

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Mar 03

Finnish Championships 18-19.3.2017

Finnish Championships 18-19.3.2017

More info:

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Feb 27

Euro Cup – results

Fellow Iceboaters,

Here are the results of European Cup.

Sorry for being late, I had to redo them due to software problems.

European Cup – Series Standing – 15 races scored

Best regards, Kuba

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Feb 27

Estonian Championship 03.03-05.03, site confirmed!

Estonian Championship 2017 will take place this weekend 03.03-05.03 on lake Võrtsjärv.

Launch site is next to Tarvastu Polder Vaatetorn. Ice thickness 30+cm, no snow or water on ice.

Accomodation Grand Hotel Viljandi, twin room 55€, single room 40€, booking +3724355800,, password: “jääpurjetamine” or “icesailing”
Launch site coordinates: 58.253024,25.963890

Racing will take be in 4 classes, Ice.Optimist, DN junior, DN, Monotype XV or facebook: Eesti Jääpurjetamise Liit

Video from the ice:


For more info feel free to conatact me:

+372 5234525


See you on the ice!




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Feb 25

Saying goodbye to our beloved friend

You may know that our good friend, National Secretary of Austria, Roland Travnicek passed away a few days ago.

We will all miss you Travi.

His funeral will take place in the Central Cemetery of Vienna City on 3rd March at 14:00.

Below you can find the Obituary.





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Feb 25

EC 2017 FINAL RESULTS Corrected

Dear Fellow Iceboaters,

Today we rechecked the results of the 2017 European Championship and it came out that during the breaking of ties the throw-outs were discarded which led to an unfair result list. We recalculated the ties and the corrected results are posted below.

The Race Committee apologies for the mistakes made.

European Champioships – Series Standing – 23 races scored – Corrected FINAL

Have lot of fun and fair racing in the rest of the 2016/2017 Season.

Think Ice,




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Feb 23

EC 2017 – Final Results

Yesterday we finished the 2017 DN European Championship on the Balaton Lake at Balatonfüred.

Congratulations Karol Jablonski for his next achievement.

The results are below



European Championship – Final results

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Feb 22

EC 2017 Finished

Dear Fellow Iceboaters!

We have checked today several spots to continue the EC, but sorry to say that no-one of those was suitable for races. The ice still strong (19-20 cm), but unfortunately several small cracks appeared, which could not be a problem for fun sailing, but during the race, in stressed situation, when you may be forced to change your course they could be very dangerous.

Therefore the decision is to finish the EC.

We had two wonderful days of sailing. Thanks to the professional work of the Race Committee during the races we could manage to complete 8-8 races for the Gold Fleet and for the Silver Fleet and 7 races for the Bronze Fleet. All together 27 races in two days!! Wow!!

The Price Giving Ceremony will be held today, during the Party we organised earlier.

Place: Hotel Margaréta

Time: 19:30






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Feb 22

What is going on?

Dear Sailors,

I am sorry to bring up a sensitive issue, but since the European Championship came to my country I can not look over what has happened today. I feel responsible what is going on here.

The race committee with the quads was sitting in the harbor 9 O’ Clock this morning. They seemed to refuse going out although the sailors were preparing or sailing a lot of them already out.

The course was not checked in time.

There was no reserve place to take the course.

We have 15 km to the opposite shore and about 30 km to the East coast from today’s place where we stood. That is a huge area, what was not checked for any possible courses before the race. The ice thickness is 17-19 cm with hard black ice base and only a few cm snow ice on top in flakes. You all has been there today and saw it. There should have been several places to put down the race course. There were local sailors coming to our event from the opposite shore and went back without a problem. We know the ice quality is the same all over and is more than enough to safe sailing.

It seems to me that we have again the same situation that has already happened in Estonia in 2015. We have great conditions and we don’t make races for strange reasons. We have changed the race committee since and I thought it was over, but it seems it is not!

I don’t find any good explanation why we were not sailing today and what was the reason that the organizers did not find the ice for us today…

I came here to race, but not only for the results. I think most of us doing it for the love of this sport. I am disappointed, and I did not signed up for this.

What happened today, destroys the good feeling and stone by stone demolishes our class.

I don’t want that and I  am ready to take steps against this.

I would like that the governing authority investigate this case and resolve this problem.

Please feel free to leave a comment.

Best Regards,

Peter Hamrak


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