Regatta Tracking

Track, Relive, Analyze or Follow Live from Home

“Having a tracking-system in the boat while match-racing or (during) other sailing events I think is the way to go, as you can analyze later on the way you have sailed … Spectators cannot always join us where we have the event and this is a chance to follow racing in real-time while sitting at home … 

… I think that in icesailing where we sail with more speed – about 80-100 km/h – it would be even more interesting to have a look and know what the different speeds and reach angles where and decide if the left or the right side, or which tactical moves you do (where correct) and then who is going faster – who is going slower.
Everything is there to analyze later on. At the moment we are missing this. “






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Whether it be Clinics or Regattas during Hardwater Season or some casual excercise during the Summer – now you can Cheer On and Stay in Touch with your Iceboating Buddies throughout the year … 


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