Jan 18

DN Sweden R5 & R6 2017 are called on!

Great news, the race is on for SWE Ranking 5 & 6 2017 this weekend!

The regattas will be held on lake Mälaren in Västerås and launching site will be at Västerås Kanotförening (Björnövägen 79, Västerås).

As of today we have magnificent ice conditions with no observed cracks or dangers in the planned race area, only scarse snow drifts less than a cm thick. The ice thickness is approx. 14 cm.

The plan is to co-organize with Class III, sailing every other race on the same course and helping one another run the event. The details will be explained during skippers meeting.

There are lots of accomodation options in Västerås. Race committee will stay at hotel “Scandic Västerås”.

Head over to www.dnsweden.com for more info and registration.

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Jan 12

MAST entwendet ! – SPAR taken away ! (a posting in the name of Peter Münnich – OE 41)


In der Nacht vom 26.auf den 27.Dezember 2016 wurde am Haidersee -St.Valentin in der Heide/Italien aus meinem Trailer ein DN-Mast der Marke WHY inkl. Persenning entwendet.

Der WHY-Mast besteht aus Glasfiber mit 3 Carbonstreifen im Top, farblos lackiert – grün mit einlaminierten Namen P. Münich OE41 (der Name ist falsch geschrieben)

Für die Wiederbeschaffung oder sachdienliche Hinweise die zur Auffindung des Mastes führen werden 500,00 € Finderlohn ausgesetzt.

Gleichzeitig wurde von Lars Koschinat ein Kufensatz/Plattenläufer entwendet.

Nachrichten bitte unter Tel.Nr.: +43 664 1813151



During the night from 26th to 27th December 2016 at Haidersee – St.Valentin in der Heide/Italy a WHY-Spar in its cover was taken out of my trailer.

The WHY-Spar is made out of green glasfiber with 3 carbon stripes in the top. Clear painted, green with laminated name at the bottom side: P. Münich OE41 (the name is written wrong)

For recovery of the spar or hints that lead to find the spar a reward of 500,00 € will be paid.

At the same time a set of runners (plate-runners) from Lars Koschinat was taken away.

If you have any information please call: +43 664 1813151


Peter Münnich

Überfuhrstraße 9

5061 Elsbethen/Austria

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Jan 07

Online Entry “Problems” UPDATE

Dear Sailors,
tonight I again looked after the problems some of you had when registering. They found themselves in a not ending loop after typing in their sail number and ID. This is not a bug of the entry procedure, this is due to the browser safety settings on the devices of the sailors. Browser of today sometimes prevent automatically the internal forwarding, sometimes it is set by the users, more or less with intend. The online entry programming cannot be adapted to the many browsers on the market in different versions and numerous different user settings. That would be a Sisyphus work. For the next season I will look for a solution to prevent blocking.
Now I researched following browsers and was able to do an entry!!:
iPad (Apple):
Safari / 1st try
Firefox / 1st try

Chrome / 2nd try
Firefox / 2nd try

Smartphone (Android):
Chrome / 2nd try

The absolute only solutions I now can suggest are:
– follow the loop and do it twice (should work in most cases)
– take an other browser
– take an other device
– take an other device and with an other browser
– empty your browser cache
– set your personal browser settings to “Standard”

Wish you success, Godie

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Jan 06

Result of Dyneema ballot

The “Dyneema Halyard” vote pass.
The final counts are:
Synthetic Halyard:
Yes: 274
No: 21
Abstain: 18
Yes/No = 13:1 (2:1 required – Art. VIII Spec. Mgmt. Sys.)

It comes into effect by Jan. 1st 2017

Think Ice, Godie

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Jan 03

Minor bug in Online Entry is fixed – it is OPEN NOW

Dear friends,
thx for patience, the minor bug is fixed now, you can use the Online Entry as usual.

Think Ice, Godie DN-G4

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Jan 03


Dear friends,

I right now opened the Online-Registration for JWC 2017.

(I know it is one hour earlier than written in the NOR, but I would have had time late in the evening again)

Think Ice


OE 221

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Jan 03


Dear friends,

I right now opened the Online-Registration for EC 2017.

(I know it is one hour earlier than written in the NOR, but I would have had time late in the evening again)

Think Ice


OE 221

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Dec 20

2017 Worlds Update

Dear Friends,
The 2017 DN Worlds is now just a month away. There are many Europeans planning 
to attend the Worlds & NAC which are on Jan 22-28, 2017.
The Regatta Organizers would like each racer who has yet to pre-register, 
to please send an email to Deb Whitehorse, 
North American Executive Secretary exec.secretary@idniyra.org

If you are coming to the Worlds & NAC, please tell us your 


DN Notice of Race 2017 Gold Cup

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Dec 15

JWC, JEC 2017 Notice of Race

Dear young icesailors, coaches, parents

HERE you can find the Notice of Race for Junior Worls and European Championschips 2017

JWC 2017 NOR

Please, pay attention that they are moved one day to: 13th-17th of Feburary 2017. 4

That`s way juniors, coaches and judges will have more time to recovery and transport to DN Europeans 2017.

The primary site is Vistula Lagoon: Tolkmicko or Krynica Morska but as you know, that could be also Mazury Lakes, Lake Siemianówka or even ice in Lithuania, Latvia or Estonia.


Jerzy Sukow, P345, JPM IDNIYRA

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Dec 07

DN European Championship NOR 2017

Dear iceboaters,

on behalf of the Czech DN Fleet as a hosting nation and on behalf of IDNIYRA Europe I am publishing EC 2017  NOR.

Read carefully. Goodluck there

Think Ice

CZ 112 Vladislav Ptasnik

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