Aug 08

Minutes of Secretaries Meeting 2016 in Riga

National Secretaries Meeting of IDNIYRA-EuropeThe minutes of the Secretaries Meeting 2014 in Riga now are available online. Many thanks to our IDNIYRA-EU Secretary Chris Williams for doing the paperwork.

You can download or read on our minutes page.

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May 03

G-737 Final Post


after several years on duty as Commodore I felt it was time for a Change and some new ideas and perspectives for the class.  With April 24th last month my term as Commodore ended regulary. At the same time the term of our treasurer Christian Seegers ended. It was pure pleasure working with Christian and all others who remain active for the time being in the Board. My job was easy compared to those who to the officework, doing accounting, being 24 h in the Web, running Junior regattas and checking insurance papers. And all of them consult the Commodore too. Appreciate what you did. Same applies to all Nat. Secretaries, all ice Scouts, the PRC and all who where involved in decision making.

Attila Pataki/Hungary, former Vice Commodore was elected as new Commodore. Maciej Brosz is the new Vice Commodore. Jurek Henke/Poland is the new treasurer.  Congratulation to all of them. They all more than qualified and very experienced too to continue their posts. It is also good to see the average age of the board decrasing by a lot. People with new ideas and other perspectives are important to develop our DN-Class into the next decades.

DN Sailing is a fantastic Sport and always crossed borders  from Minnesota/USA to Vladivostok/Russia and even China. We all share the same Passion, travel more than we sail and often spend more time in the work shop than on the ice as well.

Always remember the racing part is only half of the fun. The other half is about meeting people, real characters! People of all age (some way above 80 and still racing at top level)  and currently 20 active countries. Some travel a week from Sibiria and a week back to Sibira by car. Others check in their boats each year and fly across the Atlantic to sail.

Thanks to all of you and for having had some of the best moments in my life on and beside the ice. Special thanks to my wife Ulrike for the very long leash!

See you all again, as one of you, in just a couple of month in Novosibirsk, Finland near the arctic circle and/or Minnesota!

It’s gonna be another great season.

Get in shape guys and your euipment too!

Love you all! JoerG-737 Ex-Commodore IDNIYRA Europe e.V.




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Mar 11

Invitation Sunny Ranking in Finland


Finnish Championships, Sunny Ranking

Welcome to sail DN-regatta in Southern Finland on 19st and  20nd March 2016.


  • Race site will be selected on the preceding week. Site will be informed on the internet site
  • Skippers meeting Sat. 19st March.2016 at 10.00.
  • Rules according to Finnish SM-rules, NIA, IDNIYRA rules.
  • All sailors must have a valid third party liability insurance.
  • Last race on Saturday shall be started latest 1/2 hours before sunset and last race on Sunday latest at 15.00hrs.
  • Entry fee 20eur will be collected at the site (registration).
  • Entry in the web, site:
  • Also late entry possible at site latest Sat. 19th at 10.00.



Race Committee

Borgå Segelsällskap


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Mar 03

DN CZ112 blog from Estonian regatta translated into English.

DN CZ112 blog from Estonian regatta translated into English. I think the part with Tomek P-55 was really funny, or stupid, you can take it both ways…🙂


DN Regatta Estonia 2016, Journey And Day 1

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Feb 23

CZ 112 Blog in English, WC and EC 2016

English translation of my blog from 2016 DN World and European Championship for those who interested…

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Feb 18

JWC 2016 – final results

Final Results of JWC 2016. Congratulations to all participants


DN Junior and Ice Optimist World Championships – DN results

DN Junior and Ice Optimist World Championships -IO results


Many Thanks to All the members of Race Comitee

Jerzy Sukow, P-345, JPM IDNIYRA


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Feb 11

JWC 2016 – FINAL

Dear Young DN and Ice-Optimist Iceboaters, coaches, parents and voluneers


Confirmation: the location of Junior World Championschips 2016 is Valma in Estonia, 

Launching area: 58°36’65.8″N 25°96’59.0″E

Accomandation and Headquarter will be in “Grand Hotel Viljandi”. Town: Viljandi

So far the ice is safe, although there are some drain holes indicated by Judges. We hope to have more frost during the racing week so the conditions should be better and better



See you in Estonia

Jerzy Sukow, P-345, JPM IDNIYRA

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Feb 05

Pictures from EC/WC 2016 – Update

Hi, by this link you can download pictures form WC / EC 2016.
Photos are available only for personal use 🙂

Have a nice day
Pavlina 🙂

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Feb 01

Racing day begins

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Jan 31

World and European Championship 2016 Conclusions

Dear Friends

we were lucky this time to have pulled off  both Championships. It is not only the weather allowing us to do that. There is a lot of volunteers and People involved to get it done each other year. We are an Amateur sport. Therefore we need People in the Board and running the races who are willing and capable to do so. This year, most of you may have realized,   there were changes in the  PRC and an independant PRO was in place. For all of them it was the first time to work in this international combination. Without these People we could not continue our Amateur Sport at such a professional level! With Daan Schütte (DN Vice World Champion from 1998)  and Hennie van der Brink together with Kuba Mihalczyk and his team we were very lucky to have the Expertise needed.  Thanks you!!! Further all the voluntary board members worked perfectly hand in hand! Thanks to them as well. A lot  will leave the board this year or within the next years after many years of dedicated work with hundreds of hours involved. Be aware without those guys being replaced (this April the Treasurer and Commodore) the quite complex organisation cannot continue to function. Therefore the board is happy for new volunteers (perhaps you) to share responsibility for our class.

At the secreatries Meeting in Riga this year in April in Riga, we will go through the lessons learnt from this event and come up with additional ideas for the future. If you have any suggestions how to develop the class, work of the board or race management please have those passed on to us latest  until the end of march. This is important and will give us the chance to put them on the meeting’s Agenda.

Good luck at the upcoming Championships (Swedish, Polish, North Americans, Baikal and all others too).

Be aware there at this Moment there are two  boat spots left in the Container for the “Open Russian Championship” the “Asia Cup” and “Baikal Cup”  at Lake Baikal from April 2nd until April 9th 2016. If interested in further Information regarding Baikal contact H-467 “Dideric(at)” immediately!

Enjoy the winter as soon its back or already!





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