Nov 20

Commodore’s Message

Dear Fellow Iceboaters,

As the new Commodore IDNIYRA Europe e.V. I would like to welcome all of you in the new icesailing season. As you may know Jörg Bohn and Christian Seegers left the Board after our Secretaries Meeting in Riga. Here I would like to thank the great contribution they made for the class. It was a great pleasure to work together with such generous people as Jörg and Christian. We will miss them in the Board.

The new season is already here and some of our sport-mates on the north already are on the ice having fun and doing training for international racing events. Please get your stuff ready, refresh your skills and knowkedge of rules to have a joyful and safe icesailing season.

You already may get a post from your National Secretary  with the recent ballot about to make (or not to make) change in the Official Specification to allow alternate material for the halyard. The idea behind this change is that the rope is cheaper, lighter and stronger than steel wire and the terminations are easy to do. If you haven’t received the vote blank yet, please contact your National Secretary asking for empty ballot template, fill and sign it. Please send the scanned copy to your Secretary for further processing.


The deadline is end of November.

You can also download the ballot from the link below.




We intend to have other changes in this season, too.

It turned out that it will be illegal to use 10 runners during the European Championship. Thus we should be restricted to nine runners only. The reason we have to do this is that this restriction is included in the Official Specifications, which is the document (together with the Specification Management System) that should be compulsory for both Organisations (American and European) and any change in those can be introduced by class vote only. Unfortunately we missed the class vote when introduced this rule to use on EC 🙁

My personal opinion, that the number of equipment (runners, sails, etc.) used during the Continental events should be more on the decision of the organising authorities, than regulated in the Official Specifications. The OS should deal with the technical parameters of the legal equipment only.

There are more need-to-change items in our governing documents (inconsistencies, obsolete regulations, etc.), therefore the two Governing Committees started to review, harmonise and rewrite those documents. Your remarks, suggestions would be warmly welcomed in this work.

It is a long lasting dilemma, that our members are over-aged and male-dominated and we should do something to make our class more attractive for the ladies as well as for the younger generation.

This year on the initialisation of our Vice-Commodore Maciej Brosz we founded Perpetual Trophies for Women for WC and for EC. Our American friends did the same for their Continental Championship. The trophies will be awarded for the three best ladies if more than five women are participating on an event. In case of less than five female participants  the Champion’s Trophy will be awarded only.

Thus Ladies be brave and come to the Championships! You can win a real good-looking trophy!

The Junior Program started more than a decade ago in Sweden and it passed exactly ten years that the European Board officially designated a Junior Program Manager. The program is a real success. We have more and more youngsters participating in the races and even few of them are competing at the senior championships. We should support them. Financially and morally.

Also we should think about, how to make our sport more popular and attractive for possible newcomers and sponsors. Using of more effective communication and marketing tools in our webpage, widen our social networks, introduce new tracking and broadcasting applications is the answer to that question. We will do our best to introduce them in the forthcoming seasons. On this EC we will do tracking on voluntary basis. The solution we had chosen is KWINDOO. We want to test how this application is working at our conditions of racing (cold weather, high speed, …).

More details you can find on:

Would you have any new idea or suggestion to make our organisation better please do not hesitate to contact me 🙂

So dear Iceboaters, I wish you a very successful iceboating season.




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Nov 15

Johnny Köhler Cup and All Saints Regatta

Hello Sailors

The racing site will be at Uljua reservoir. The distance from Helsinki to Oulu direction is approx 450 km. Ice thickness is 12-15 cm. We are waiting for some snow next night, but not too much. Temperatures between -2 C – +2 C, wind forecast 3-7 m/s.

More info at DN Finland homepage




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Nov 14


Dear friends,


Please check in time that you will have a proper TPL-insurance for icesailing. This is not only necessary for the “big events” like WC and/or EC, but also for sailing during the rest of the season. I guess that every participant of WC and EC will try to get some meters of ice under his runners before travelling there.


Once again the items for a proper certificate of insurance:

  1. the certificate must be in English language.
  2. the liability cover must be at least 500.000,– €
  3. the certificate must clearly show that this insurance covers sailing with iceboats including race events and training races.
  4. the certificate must show, that the insurance covers the region of Europe including Baltic Sea and Northern Sea. If you have an insurance “worldwide” these regions are covered of course and it’s ok.
  5. the certificate must clearly show, that it is valid at least for the time of the event.


Due to I got more and more normal word.doc as confirmation of cover, I have to state out that I can’t accept those.

Please understand that I need an official paper with signatures from your insurance company. I do not want to assume that anybody is cheating, but I have to check all insurances with the same rules.

Please be aware that I will check all insurances with the same accuracy.

*.dot files from a MAC I can’t open.

Please send *.pdf files or *.jpeg (jpg) files.

Please send your confirmation in high resolution !!!!

If possible, please send only ONE PAGE !



I will start assigning Insurance-IDs at the beginning of December.

It is possible that it takes one or two days until I assign the Insurance-ID, but I will try to do that faster after registration is open (03.01.2017; 12:00 CET)

Insurances sent until January, 18th 2017; 24:00 (CET) will be assigned for a regular entry for EC 2017.

If you send your confirmation at that very late stage, be aware that – if the confirmation is NOT OK – I will not assign any ID just because you are late. That’s not fair to all other sailors who sent their confirmations in time.

Then you will not be able to make a regular entry and you have to make a late entry.



As in the past years we offer for those sailors who really can not show a valid proof of insurance the SINGLE EVENT INSURANCE. As usual the fee for that is 50,– € and has to be paid at regatta check-in in cash.

The SEI will be treated as every other insurance.

The only difference is, that you have to ask for the SEI instead you send your confirmation.

If you ask before the deadline you get assigned an ID for a regular entry, if you ask afterwards ….

If you make a “Late-Entry” at regatta check-in you can get the SEI according to the rules at regatta check-in.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: To avoid any misunderstanding I have to inform that the so called “Single Event Insurance” is only for sailors from countries where we KNOW that they do not have any chance to get a proper insurance or an insurance for a tolerable amount.

First of all the goal is, that every sailor should have an insurance for the whole season. Not only at WC and EC. Second we try to have a spread of the risk. So the idea of the “Single Event Insurance” is only to make it every sailor possible to take part at WC (when held in Europe) and EC – not to make it easy for everyone to get an insurance. Please accept that not everybody who is asking for, will get a “Single Event Insurance”.



(How to ask for the SEI)

Please send the confirmation of cover of your insurances, or the request for a SEI, via e-mail at insurancemgr(at) (please use as subject: insurance EC 2017) (replace (at) with @ !! ) or send via snail mail to:

Niklas Müller-Hartburg

Eduard Klein Gasse 31

1130 Wien




I do not answer all mails and send your ID personal back to you.

You can find your insurance ID here: List of Insurance-IDs

If you do not find any ID or did not get any answer – please make sure I received your confirmation of cover.

It’s your own and sole responsibility.




To have an Insurance-ID only allows you to enter at the Online-Registration. You are not obliged to do so.

Having an Insurance-ID does not mean that you are registered for the regatta !!!

More and more organizers from other regattas accept the Insurance ID as confirmation for having an insurance (if the date of validity fits to the respective regatta).


thanks a lot and Think Ice



OE 221

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Nov 13

Johnny Köhler Cup and All Saints regatta

Hello Sailors

Next weekend  18-20.11. 2016 we sail Johnny Köhler Cup and All Saints regattas.

At west coast of Finland we have quite fine ice conditions. During tuesday-wednesday a low pressure is coming and bringing some snow. Hopefully not too much. The wind forecast is 3-5 m/s, so we try to find as good ice as possible. We will update ice reports to our website at  “jäätietokanta”

The regatta site will be published latest on wednesday 12.00

Hopefully we have good news

L-121 Olli

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Oct 31

DN Racing Finland

Good afternoon
Quite a cold season is starting here in Finland. Some lakes are already frozen in Lappland.
That means in practice, that sailors are now spending more and more time in their workshops and garages.

The first race here is traditionally Johnny Köhler Cup and All Saints Regatta. The dates for local races this season below.

  1. Johnny Köhler Cup and All Saints regatta 18-20.11.2016
  2. Independence Day regatta 10-11.12.2016
  3. Kuopio Ranking 7-8.1.2017
  4. ESF Ranking 4-5.2.2017
  5. SM-Regatta ( Finnish Championship) 18-19.3.2017
  6. Spare day for SM 25-26.3.2017
  7. Sunny Ranking 1-2.4.2017

Hopefully as many sailors as possible can participate in our events; Welcome
Best regards

Olli, L-121

PS. And now back to workshop …:-)

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Oct 31

Johnny Köhler Cup and All Saints Regatta 2016

Dear DN Friends season is round the corner,
it is not so far away that lakes and bays will freeze and give us the medium we could not await eagerly every year. There is already something in the pipe you should take note of.
First: Look for a ballot with the Dyneema Halyard issue, you have to get from your National Secretary. Please take this opportunity to bring in your opinion.
Second: Look in the calendar and see the deadlines and dates for the upcoming events.
Third: This season there is also an insurance ID assigning and entry procedure for the Juniors on our website.
Fourth: Online vote for ballots is in discussion since years. What is your opinion on that? Please take part in an upcoming online survey.

Fifth – the most important for now is the date for the season opener in Lappland/Finland, Olli Virta L-121 the new National Secretary of Finland sended this. See also the next posting with the complete Finnish races list.

Johnny Köhler Cup and All Saints regatta        18-20.11.2016

Details on Finnish website


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Aug 08

Minutes of Secretaries Meeting 2016 in Riga

National Secretaries Meeting of IDNIYRA-EuropeThe minutes of the Secretaries Meeting 2014 in Riga now are available online. Many thanks to our IDNIYRA-EU Secretary Chris Williams for doing the paperwork.

You can download or read on our minutes page.

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May 03

G-737 Final Post


after several years on duty as Commodore I felt it was time for a Change and some new ideas and perspectives for the class.  With April 24th last month my term as Commodore ended regulary. At the same time the term of our treasurer Christian Seegers ended. It was pure pleasure working with Christian and all others who remain active for the time being in the Board. My job was easy compared to those who to the officework, doing accounting, being 24 h in the Web, running Junior regattas and checking insurance papers. And all of them consult the Commodore too. Appreciate what you did. Same applies to all Nat. Secretaries, all ice Scouts, the PRC and all who where involved in decision making.

Attila Pataki/Hungary, former Vice Commodore was elected as new Commodore. Maciej Brosz is the new Vice Commodore. Jurek Henke/Poland is the new treasurer.  Congratulation to all of them. They all more than qualified and very experienced too to continue their posts. It is also good to see the average age of the board decrasing by a lot. People with new ideas and other perspectives are important to develop our DN-Class into the next decades.

DN Sailing is a fantastic Sport and always crossed borders  from Minnesota/USA to Vladivostok/Russia and even China. We all share the same Passion, travel more than we sail and often spend more time in the work shop than on the ice as well.

Always remember the racing part is only half of the fun. The other half is about meeting people, real characters! People of all age (some way above 80 and still racing at top level)  and currently 20 active countries. Some travel a week from Sibiria and a week back to Sibira by car. Others check in their boats each year and fly across the Atlantic to sail.

Thanks to all of you and for having had some of the best moments in my life on and beside the ice. Special thanks to my wife Ulrike for the very long leash!

See you all again, as one of you, in just a couple of month in Novosibirsk, Finland near the arctic circle and/or Minnesota!

It’s gonna be another great season.

Get in shape guys and your euipment too!

Love you all! JoerG-737 Ex-Commodore IDNIYRA Europe e.V.




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Mar 11

Invitation Sunny Ranking in Finland


Finnish Championships, Sunny Ranking

Welcome to sail DN-regatta in Southern Finland on 19st and  20nd March 2016.


  • Race site will be selected on the preceding week. Site will be informed on the internet site
  • Skippers meeting Sat. 19st March.2016 at 10.00.
  • Rules according to Finnish SM-rules, NIA, IDNIYRA rules.
  • All sailors must have a valid third party liability insurance.
  • Last race on Saturday shall be started latest 1/2 hours before sunset and last race on Sunday latest at 15.00hrs.
  • Entry fee 20eur will be collected at the site (registration).
  • Entry in the web, site:
  • Also late entry possible at site latest Sat. 19th at 10.00.



Race Committee

Borgå Segelsällskap


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Mar 03

DN CZ112 blog from Estonian regatta translated into English.

DN CZ112 blog from Estonian regatta translated into English. I think the part with Tomek P-55 was really funny, or stupid, you can take it both ways…🙂


DN Regatta Estonia 2016, Journey And Day 1

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