Oct 24 2019

New – IDNIYRA-EU membership

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Dear Friends, last year we had to stop our membership registration due to some legal preconditions which were not fulfilled. There were also some difficulties with the online payments. Both issues have been resolved now and we make a reset. The membership gives you the right to do online votes and participate at IDNIYRA regattas.
So please register for your IDNIYRA-EU membership.
Annual fee is 25.00 €. The lifetime ends at October, 31th every year irrespective of your registration start.
Every member is self responsable to renew his membership after expiration. You also have to be member of your national DN Fleet!
In short: No membership(National and IDNIYRA-Europe) – means no class voting and racing at WC/EC

Sign up for the new IDNIYRA-EU membership

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  1. If we are not mistaken, last year the annual fee didn’t apply to juniors (≤ 25 years). Can you confirm whether this has changed or not?

  2. One more question, should you wait to sign up until November 1st or does the renewal date not apply this (first) year?

    • Godie on 26. October 2019 at 13:46

    Hello DN Sweden,
    1. Annual fee applies also to juniors, but only those who will compete in the senior races. For compensation their entry fee for races will be lowered by 25.00 € . The JWC/JEC will remain free.
    2. You can signup from now on. Last years mistakes are solved. The payments now are only on-time payments. You have to do it again every year. But you’re self responsible to not forget this.
    Think Ice, Godie

  3. Hi
    Juniors Entry Fee for WC/EC or EC were much cheaper. Do you continue that this year?
    JS, P345

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