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Mar 27 2015

EIA Statement on Appeal in the Case of Race 5 (A) – EC 2015

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Dear Iceboaters, EIA can not solve the disputes around Race5(A)-EC 2015. The rule we have to apply is “Lit. 7 (EIA), Organisation of IDNIYRA Europe in the Yearbook 2015”. This rule only allows appeals against Protest Hearing Decisions. There is no other rule on this. At EC 2015 no protest in this R5 case was filed, consequently no appeal against can be made. Therefore the appeal of Jörg Bohn, Commodore of IDNIYRA-Europe is inadmissible. Jörg has got an official writing with this information. The third EIA member (Stan Macur) did not participate in this case. He declared himself as prejudiced, because he is a member of the PRC. March 26th …

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