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Mar 15 2017

Estonian Cup V stage: update 2

Conditions are good on lake Saadjärv at the moment, ice is 30cm thick and it black hard ice, no snow. UPDATE Conditions are still good on lake Saadjärv but its pouring rain right now and it can change the ice very quickly. At the moment the race is on. We will check the ice at 14:00pm to see if its still safe to sail.   Next update at 15:00   Update 2!   Race is on! Ice on lake Saadjärv is good and safe. Launching site lake Saadjärv (Coorinates: 58°31’58.4″N 26°38’52.9″E)

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Mar 14 2017

Estonian Cup V stage

Estonian Cup V stage racing days are planned 18-19.03. At the moment we are looking for safe ice to race on. Firtst info will come on Wednesday 15.03 afternoon. Possible race sites are, Saaremaa Orisaare, Lake Võrtsjärv (where Estonian Championship was held) and Lake Saadjärv.   More info can be found on our website: and Facebook: Eesti Jääpurjetamise Liit,

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