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Mar 06 2018

Estonian Cup 4th stage on 10.03-11.03.2018

On 10.03-11.03.2018 it is planned to hold Estonian Cup 4th stage for DN and Ice-Optimist. For Ice-Optimist it is also the Estonian Championship 2018. Today is best place in Kaugatoma, Saaremaa. On 09.03-11.03.2018 Monotype-XV is competing for Estonian Championship 2018 and Erik von Holst’s Cup. Everybody is welcome  ! NOR for IO and DN NOR for Monotype-XV Ice in Kaugatoma, Saaremaa – 03.03.2018 11:00 Ice thickness 18-20cm Snow: no snow. Photos are taken on 06.03.2018 10:00

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Feb 22 2018

WC/EC Primary site update

WC/EC primary site Kaugatoma, Saaremaa site update.  New black ice forming rapidly. Race site size 4x3km and growing, ice tickness 11-16cm new ice and getting thicker by the hour. Sunday it will definately be 20+ cm of clear black ice. Pictures taken today 22.02 at 11am

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Feb 21 2018

Ice Report from Estonia WC/EC

ICE REPORT FOR WC! In Estonia, Saaremaa we have more than one spot where to sail the WC2018 and EC2018: Kaugatoma, Ariste bay – ice thickness 14-18cm, covered with 1cm powder snow. The area is at least 1,5km and after that new growing ice with thickness today 7-9cm and growing day-by-day. For Sunday thickness is approximately 15cm and area is then more than 3,5km. Very promising weather forecast for Kaugatoma. We think it is definitely suitable place for WC2018 and EC2018. Tommorrow morning we will check again the conditions and will inform in here about 11:00. Photos are taken in Kaugatoma, Ariste bay (21.02.2018 15:00). Video from site —–    …

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Jan 26 2018

Estonian CUP 3rd stage

Estonian Cup 3. stage will be held in Saaremaa, Orissaare. Ice is clear of snow, 15cm thickness. First start 27.01 12:00. Nor: Location: Ferry schedule: Accomodation available in Kuressaare, Saaremaa. More info soon… Additional info: +372 5234525 Marek  

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Mar 15 2017

Estonian Cup V stage: update 2

Conditions are good on lake Saadjärv at the moment, ice is 30cm thick and it black hard ice, no snow. UPDATE Conditions are still good on lake Saadjärv but its pouring rain right now and it can change the ice very quickly. At the moment the race is on. We will check the ice at 14:00pm to see if its still safe to sail.   Next update at 15:00   Update 2!   Race is on! Ice on lake Saadjärv is good and safe. Launching site lake Saadjärv (Coorinates: 58°31’58.4″N 26°38’52.9″E)

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Mar 14 2017

Estonian Cup V stage

Estonian Cup V stage racing days are planned 18-19.03. At the moment we are looking for safe ice to race on. Firtst info will come on Wednesday 15.03 afternoon. Possible race sites are, Saaremaa Orisaare, Lake Võrtsjärv (where Estonian Championship was held) and Lake Saadjärv.   More info can be found on our website: and Facebook: Eesti Jääpurjetamise Liit,

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