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Jun 06 2018

Minutes of the Secretaries Meeting Budapest

Dear Friends, here are the minutes of the last Secretaries Meeting in Budapest. Find also drafted documents mentioned by Topic 16 IDNIYRA Europe – NA Contact Report in the minutes IDNIYRA EU Constitution_180511.pdf, Organisation of IDNIYRA_180511.pdf Have a nice summer with lots of sunny sailing. Think Ice, Godie

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Feb 24 2018

Opening Ceremony

Hello Sailors, for those who have not read it at the race office. Opening Ceremony is at 16.30 h at the yacht harbour Ekomarina See you there

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Feb 20 2018

Polish Championship 2018

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Feb 15 2018

Polish Championships 2018

Update by email from Maciej Brosz: Everything is here http://www.bojery.pl/index.php/sfpdn/nowosci/366-mistrzostwa-polski-dn-2018 Please, use a translator. The champs are on. On Friday there’s a warm up event on lake Niegocin, info is here   http://www.bojery.pl/index.php/sfpdn/nowosci/367-warm-up-regatta-puchar-komandora-floty-polskiej-dn Best regards, Maciej, P247. From National Secretary by email: Organisation is in progress. PC starts on Saturday. JS Note: Try the Polish website for details.

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Feb 13 2018

Ice in Estonia

Official Estonian Ice Chart

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Dec 16 2017

Notice of Race WC and EC 2018

Dear Iceboaters, IDNIYRA Europe and DN Estonia as hosting nation invite all DN sailors to the 2018 European and World Championship. Please read carefully the Notice of Race WC/EC 2018. We hope to see many of you on the race course.

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