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  5. Tiller Ruling Blurb – (Kevlar/Aramid) — 29. January 2017

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Sep 29

JWC and EC 2018

Dear Junior icesailors, coaches, parents The JWC and EC 2018 is organized IDNIYRA Europe with German DN Fleet with the cooperation with German Sailing Federation. Date: 5-9 Feb. 2018 Stay tuned THINK ICE Jerzy Sukow, IDNIYRA Europe Junior Programme Manager            

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Sep 28

A preview in extracts of the 2018 IDNIYRA Yearbook

Dear all, I just got in an exceptional records collection of all European Championships since 1966. Its a comprehensive list of when, where and who , which is the result of a cooperation work of Daan Schutte and Deborah Whitehorse. If you want to have this hot stuff and more DN related information in a book do not hesitate to order the IDNIYRA Yearbook 2018 when it will be published!! Preview 2018 IDNIYRA Yearbook – EC-Records

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Sep 21

Minutes – National Secretaries Meeting Warsaw 2017

Dear Iceboaters, find published the minutes from the National Secretaries Meeting in Warsaw 2017

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Feb 19


Please find the Sailing Instructions for the EC 2017 in the PDF. EC2017-SailingInstructions

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Jan 29

Tiller Ruling Blurb – (Kevlar/Aramid)

It has come to the attention of the IDNIYRA  and European governing committee that the 2014 vote to allow para aramid in the construction of tillers was conducted incorrectly.  It was only sent to ballot in north America and not in Europe.  This violates the specifications management agreement. The IDNIYRA Governing Committee and European Governing Committee, with the concurrence of the technical committee   have determined that the original vote allowing the use of Kevlar in the construction of tillers was not a legal vote.  Therefore this specification change is reversed.  Any member that constructed a tiller of para aramid  (Tradename Kevlar) shall notify the governing committee of their respective continent  …

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Jan 29

Mitropa -Trophy 2017

Mitropa -Trophy 2017 at Wallersee – Austria – Salzburg Launching: Hotel – Restaurant-Winkler info@winkler.at Tel. +43 6216 5270 Registration: Friday 03.02.17, opens 17.00 h Restaurant-Winkler Firstrace: Saturday 04.02.17 – 10.00 h Lastrace: Sunday 05.02.17 – 14.00 h

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Jan 29

2017 DN North Americans – Ron Sherry US-44 on Top

Ron and Griffin Sherry won the Gold resp. Silver Fleet. Congratulations to father and son. Read More

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Jan 26

Karol Jablonski P-36 — World Champion 2017

Congratulations – This is the 11th triumph More information  

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Jan 07

Online Entry “Problems” UPDATE

Dear Sailors, tonight I again looked after the problems some of you had when registering. They found themselves in a not ending loop after typing in their sail number and ID. This is not a bug of the entry procedure, this is due to the browser safety settings on the devices of the sailors. Browser of today sometimes prevent automatically the internal forwarding, sometimes it is set by the users, more or less with intend. The online entry programming cannot be adapted to the many browsers on the market in different versions and numerous different user settings. That would be a Sisyphus work. For the next season I will look …

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Jan 06

Result of Dyneema ballot

The “Dyneema Halyard” vote pass. The final counts are: Synthetic Halyard: Yes: 274 No: 21 Abstain: 18 Yes/No = 13:1 (2:1 required – Art. VIII Spec. Mgmt. Sys.) It comes into effect by Jan. 1st 2017 Think Ice, Godie

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