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Results IDNIYRA Ballot Spring 2020

The first online vote of IDNIYRA members in Europe and North America for a ballot is finished. We had a very good turnout, thanks to all of you. (NA 64%, EU 75%). Proposal 1-3 failed, Proposal 4 passed. View the combined results of both continents:  

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Current Ballot Vote

Hello DN sailors I would like to remind you again of the Ballot Vote, which ends on April 15. All eligible voters had received an email with the one-time voting link. Now a reminder email has been sent again to all those who have not yet voted. As of today we have a turnout of 56%. Please take the chance and drive the number up. Cheers, Godie

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Insurance Manager and Webmaster are no longer available for Board

Gentlemen With the next Secretaries Meeting IDNIYRA Europe has to find successors for Niklas and Godie on the board. Read the statement on their resignation.

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Ballot Vote is ON

Good Morning DN sailors, the ballot vote is running and will automatically end at April 15th, 2020 11:59 PM. Here are some additional informations about it. IDNIYRA-Europe has 202 eligible voters. They all got an email today with an unique link to vote. Each member can only vote once. The ballot vote works device independent in every browser and you can use Smartphone, Tablet or PC. All voters who have not yet voted will receive a reminder email twice. Please understand that the current result cannot be displayed for reasons of uninfluenced choice. At the end of the ballot vote, the result for each question is displayed as in the …

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Notice of Ballot

Dear all, I hope this posting finds you healthy and not affected by the virus. Hard times for us all which hopefully will pass soon. Tomorrow (March 25th.) the IDNIYRA members will get an invitation by email to vote online for a ballot. This has a little bit a historical character, because its the first electronic vote for a ballot of IDNIYRA after years of struggling to make it real. It saves time, money and efforts for the organisations in NA and EU. Check your mailbox and please take advantage of the convenience of an electronic ballot and vote! This vote IDNIYRA NA and IDNIYRA EU members will vote separately …

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Preliminary Entries WC/EC 2020

No. Sail Number Ranking Firstname Lastname 1. C-20 6 Rasmus Maalinn 2. C-21 nn Peeter Järvelaid 3. C-26 66 Valdo Pärtel

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