European Insurance Check and ID-List for season 2021

INSURANCE – What to know

Insurance Requirements

Personal-liability-insuranceIt will be the responsibility for every sailor to arrange a Third Party Liability Insurance to cover damage (body and property). Each sailor has to be able to show a confirmation of cover as requested by IDNIYRA regatta organisers.

The insurance has to ….
  • cover the liability of one participant to another with a minimum coverage of 500.000,00 Euro.
  • cover the sailing area (worldwide or sea plus inland lakes in Europe).
  • be valid for training and international competition of icesailing regattas.
  • contain the period of validity, which should cover the event duration.
  • be written in English language.

How to get an insurance-ID – how to use it for online entry.

  • Send in your confirmation of cover to .
  • You will be assigned you an ID, when your confirmation of cover fulfills the requirements above.
  • Find your insurance-ID on the Checked Insurances page.
  • The ID is valid for European regattas (EC, ET, WC and national races) also for NorthAmerican regattas (NA, WC).
  • You have to use your ID together with your sailnumber to make a regular online entry.

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