The DN Class Technical Committee

The DN Class Technical Committee (TC) shall consist of six members, three elected from North America and three elected from Europe. TC members shall be elected according to the respective Continental Governing Documents (CGD). One member will be elected every year, alternating between continents. North American members will be elected in even years and European members in odd years. The term of office is six years. Term of office will begin July 1, and expire June 30 of the appropriate year. Each year the TC shall elect from its membership a chairperson to serve until June 30 of the following year. All decisions of the TC require 2/3 majority vote of all members. Upon resignation prior to six years, a replacement member will be elected by the respective CGG to complete the unexpired term.

The Chairperson shall report to the CGGs on all recommendations of the TC. The TC may initiate changes in the OFFICIAL SPECIFICATIONS or OFFICIAL PLANS by proposing a change to both CGGs.

Technical Committee Discussion board:

Paul Goodwin , US-46

Photo of Paul Goodwin US-46
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