Notice of Race JWC/JEC 2021

Dear Junior Icesailors,

The NOR for the 2021 Junior DN and IceOptimist WC/EC is out.

Please study it thoroughly and follow the instructions written in.

Wish you a joyful and safe icesailing season.


Think Ice,

Stan Macur

NOR-JWC 2021

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  1. Dear Junior Icesailors,
    I have disscused with Estonian organizers situation with ice conditions and especially with covid-19 problems
    and we have agreed to postpone our event Junior WC&EC 2021 for three weeks to the data March 07th-12ve. 2021.
    The data for regular entry is also postponed until Feb 15th2021- 24.00.

    Wish you good ice practice season.
    Think Ice and stay healthy.
    Think Ice,

    Stan Macur
    JPM IDNIYRA Europe

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