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Jan 03

Minor bug in Online Entry is fixed – it is OPEN NOW

Dear friends, thx for patience, the minor bug is fixed now, you can use the Online Entry as usual. Think Ice, Godie DN-G4 Webmaster

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Oct 31

DN Racing Finland

Good afternoon Quite a cold season is starting here in Finland. Some lakes are already frozen in Lappland. That means in practice, that sailors are now spending more and more time in their workshops and garages. The first race here is traditionally Johnny Köhler Cup and All Saints Regatta. The dates for local races this season below. Johnny Köhler Cup and All Saints regatta 18-20.11.2016 Independence Day regatta 10-11.12.2016 Kuopio Ranking 7-8.1.2017 ESF Ranking 4-5.2.2017 SM-Regatta ( Finnish Championship) 18-19.3.2017 Spare day for SM 25-26.3.2017 Sunny Ranking 1-2.4.2017 Hopefully as many sailors as possible can participate in our events; Welcome Best regards Olli, L-121 PS. And now back to workshop …

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Oct 31

Johnny Köhler Cup and All Saints Regatta 2016

Dear DN Friends season is round the corner, it is not so far away that lakes and bays will freeze and give us the medium we could not await eagerly every year. There is already something in the pipe you should take note of. First: Look for a ballot with the Dyneema Halyard issue, you have to get from your National Secretary. Please take this opportunity to bring in your opinion. Second: Look in the calendar and see the deadlines and dates for the upcoming events. Third: This season there is also an insurance ID assigning and entry procedure for the Juniors on our website. Fourth: Online vote for ballots …

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Aug 08

Minutes of Secretaries Meeting 2016 in Riga

The minutes of the Secretaries Meeting 2014 in Riga now are available online. Many thanks to our IDNIYRA-EU Secretary Chris Williams for doing the paperwork. You can download or read on our minutes page.

Permanent link to this article: https://idniyra.eu/minutes-of-secretaries-meeting-2016-in-riga/

Feb 05

Pictures from EC/WC 2016 – Update

Hi, by this link you can download pictures form WC / EC 2016. Photos are available only for personal use 🙂 https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ddnf7uwphwohipk/AACtW77iMdDy9vJl7FH8dEEJa?dl=0 Have a nice day Pavlina 🙂 www.paya-photo.com FACEBOOK / Pavlína Soukupová – photographer Tel. CZ: +420728500283

Permanent link to this article: https://idniyra.eu/pictures-from-ecwc-2016/

Feb 01

Racing day begins

By Tomasz Zakrzewski

Permanent link to this article: https://idniyra.eu/racing-day-begins/

Jan 28

Airforce Museum Linköping

Alternative Programm Last exit when coming from Norrköping, (Linköping West). You will find a sign to the museum. Free entrance for us.

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Jan 28

European Championships 2016 – Update 2 – Please make recheck-in

No sailing today was announced at the skippers meeting at 9.00h. There might be a chance to sail tomorrow in a gap the weatherforecast predicts. Skippers meeting tomorrow at 9.00h on ice. All sailors who want to start tomorrow should make a recheck-in at the Scandic Central from  12.00 – 14.00  and 16.00 – 18.00h

Permanent link to this article: https://idniyra.eu/european-championships-2016-update-2/

Jan 27

European Championships 2016 – 1. Day

No sailing due to strong winds and mirror like ice.

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Jan 26

The Champions WC 2016

                Congratulation to all winners  1. Karol Jablonski 2. Michael Burczinski 3. Vaiko Voorema 4. Lukasz Zakzewski 5. Ron Sherry 6. Matis Alvikis 7. Madars Alvikis 8. Argo Voorema 9. Fredrik Lönegren 10. Thomas Ebler

Permanent link to this article: https://idniyra.eu/the-top-ten-wc-2016/

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