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Runner Tracks September 2015

The new edition of Runner Tracks is out. You can find it in the Runner Tracks section of IDNIYRA-Europe: http://idniyra.eu/?page_id=1062 or on the Runner Tracks page of North America: http://runnertracks.org/ Think Ice, the new season is just around the corner.

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Minutes of Stockholm Sec. Meeting

Dear Friends, the minutes of the Secretary Meeting in Stockholm are online; there is also an EDNIA notice to the board attached to. You can read or download it in the Minutes section of our website.

Permanent link to this article: https://idniyra.eu/minutes-of-stockholm-sec-meeting/

Runner Tracks May 2015 published

The May 2015 Edition of Runner Tracks is available. You can download it from our Runner Tracks section or view it directly here: Runner Tracks May 2015

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European DN Iceboat Authority (EDNIA)

a. The EDNIA is established to hear appeals against any Regatta Protest Committee decisions in Europe which are disputed. The five EDNIA members are elected, and reviewed every five years, by the European National Secretaries at the National Secretaries’ Meeting.

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EIA statement on appeal of Fredrik Lönegren S-8

This appeal was filed by Fredrik Lönegren. S-8, against the jury decision in his protest against Lukasz Zakrzewski, P-155 at the European championships 2015, race 5 gold fleet. Some minor procedural mistakes were made in convening this protest, which we will address in a separate note to the IDNIYRA-Europe Board, but these were not relevant to the outcome of this protest. In this protest, S-8 alleged that P-155, coming into the top mark on port tack, sailed between the mark and the darling mark before making his final tack and rounding the first top mark.

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Baikal Week 2015 – Results and Pictures

This years Baikal Week again was a fantastic event with DN sailors from Russia, Netherlands, United States, Sweden, Hungary, Switzerland, Germany, Tchechien and United Kingdom. There were 26 races in 3 regattas in one week. Congratulations to the organizers. Winner of the Russian Cup 2015 is Jost Kolb G-936 followed by Ron Sherry US-44 and Peter Hamrak H-53. See amazing pictures from Uyuga Bay at Lake Baikal   Results: Russian Cup 2015  Baikal Cup 2015  Asia Cup 2015

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